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Tara Lannen-Stanton's picture


Let's do this! Let's make plans. Where were we thinking? What night? What time?

Justin Hoenke (non-member)'s picture

@amandastretch is looking into venues.

Follow her on Twitter.  We'll be talking a lot.

In the meantime, I have this Pandora radio station that started all this commotion.  Makes Justin The Librarian Wanna Dance/ALA 2010 Dance Party http://bit.ly/91cEYg 

Get your glitter boots on.

Lisa Rabey's picture


Bryan Jones's picture

The aged have a right to dance. The aged have a right to get funky. The aged have a right to get down tonight!


Lisa Rabey's picture


As long as getting funky doesn't mean breaking a sweat while walzting, I'm there!

JP Porcaro's picture

friday is the best night for it. our "brand yourself" party is saturday night and the Think Tank party is Monday night, sunday night i think theres lots of vendor recptions and such...FRIDAY

jp porcaro, njcu librarian & nmrt councilor.

Amanda Pilmer's picture

I will make sure that in my research I look for places that have good dance mixes on Fridays.

Follow me on Twitter (@AmandaStretch) as I look into it!

Shifted Jenny Levine's picture

Just remember that the Games and Gaming MIG is hoping to pull together Open Gaming Night from about 8-10pm on Friday. Would this be afterwards?


Amanda Pilmer's picture

Probably.  Most dance clubs don't start jumping until at least 10.

JP Porcaro's picture

Amen. Friday night after 10 it is! We need somebody local to find us a club, now...

jp porcaro, njcu librarian & nmrt councilor.

JP Porcaro's picture

YO Amanda,

As soon as you have a venue let us know, so we can start up the facebook event and stuff. And blow it up on twitter!

jp porcaro, njcu librarian & nmrt councilor.