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DLIG Midwinter 2010 meeting - minutes & notes

LITA Distance Learning Interest Group
Several attendees mentioned ramping up distance learning
33 attendees

  • eBook formats & features: eBooks might be a natural fit for distance learning, but what are the pros & cons of current providers of the titles?
    • Safari ebooks had to pay extra for marc records
    • Ebrary supplies marc records; they're hotlinking Table of Contents to chapters
  • What does 'distance learning' mean today? 
    • In many ways a student off campus but just down the street has the same needs as a student hundreds of miles away, and in some cases they're even in the same online class.  How does this change what distance learning librarians do?  What does it mean when many more librarians end up doing a little bit of DL work?
  • Using cloud-based collaborative tools with students: Is anyone doing this?  What tools could we be exploring?
  • Coordinating with professors who teach online classes: How can we best work with teachers of distance ed students to build library resources into a syllabus?
    • Greatest asset with instructors, setting up a specific time for everyone to come get library instruction together
  • Student demand: What services are students asking from group members that we aren't currently providing? 
    • Even the most outlandish requests could be interesting if we can accomplish a small aspect of it.
  • Using video in distance learning: Is anyone doing this?  Something beyond screencasting - Video consultations or video blogging maybe?
    • Can't play some screencasts on smartphone is anyone doing this? Ties into ebooks, too... how much of our ebook collection is viewable on mobile device?
    • Heard of preloaded itouch with all course materials, what is library doing to make content available?
  • Going where the users are: where are distance learning students spending their time online?  Is it worth our time & effort to try and provide service via Twitter, Facebook, or other online hangouts?
    • Facebook/Twitter/Blogging at John Hopkins, better responses with blogging
    • Feeding blog into Facebook
    • Used in 2 information literacy courses instead of Blackboard, in face to face
    • Very easy to change content quickly, and students checked more often than email
    • Social networking as a way to share day-to-day content outside of university, lots of interactivity
    • pulled twitter into facebook to show immediate reaction to places and lecturers
    • post readings through links, videos, etc; all free
    • parents can follow along; good marketing for university
    • good opportunity for discussion about online behaviors (information literacy)
    • WFU made use of several tools for a course on social stratification in the deep south
    • Good for PR, but not really getting reference questions
    • Libraries tend to be one way, very little of going out and talking to users on Facebook or Twitter
    • Champaign messages people saying they're working on a topic, here's a book. Patrons either either ignore or say thanks.
    • Using twitter: personal or institutional; all institutional
    • Using these public sites, but including a link to a login to see reserved information
    • also, iTunes U
    • how authenticate? Associate with course or with wide open?
  • Is anyone delivering IL in online format?
    • Use Adobe Connect, can record computer screen; but static
    • have done live ones with AC as well
    • MERLOT database has IL tutorials as well, but more referatory, in other people's stuff
    • How many using LibGuides to deliver information, what special features do you use?
    • Lots use it, everyone said they liked it
    • Incorporating video
    • Library a la carte (self hosted)
    • Has made reference staff more creative: endnote workshop portal, etc
    • Some are transitioning from Blackboard to Sakai
      • Professors seem to prefer Sakai
      • Similar on front end, more customization in the back end
    • headache while half are on BB and half on Sakai
    • Others moving to Moodle, most prefer moodle, and also cheaper
  • Are people embedded in CMS?
    • Integrate course resource guides into blackboard automatically if exists (based on file structure)
    • Sakai has library section, so they put AC tutorials there; professors would say “here are the five db we're using” and they could pick the videos to put in Sakai
    • Tab in blackboard and page, but not as good as course related content
    • integrating eportfolios with digication into blackboard. Blackboard's was really rigid. May migrate to that.
    • UNCG's personalization in blackboard
  • Eportfolios
    • IL competencies assessed through some eport assignments
    • can look at whether meeting competency and if going up or down
    • could deliver IL at a distance and use this to assess
  • How do you verify that the person is taking the class is the person they say they are?
    • Knowing students and writing styles
    • Turnitin
  • Texting reference
    • heard KState doing well
    • UNC low traffic, but not advertising a lot
    • LibraryH3lp system can use Google Voice and that's your text number
    • Pops up back end as chat window
    • Text a librarian, very easy to use and train, but traffic is very low; students find it amusing
    • Handled at reference desk, fully integrated with IM
  • What participants want in the future:
    • like this discussion
    • see some themes; maybe organize discussions or resources that way (who is using, would you be interested in sharing your experience)
    • put blog address in email;
    • For annual, maybe something on assessment; maybe eportfolio as well
    • Open access at annual meeting, sparc, acquisitions, and a few other possible speakers
    • focus people can't get to things if locked down
    • interest also in international distance learning
    • tech and authentication issues bigger than hours available
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I am very interested in this too!  My interests, work and research relate to Social Presence Theory and Collaboration of Librarians and Instructors in distance education.  I look forward to hearing more on this!



Thank you,

Alison Miller
Manager, ipl2 Reference Services
Drexel University