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Lai-Ying Hsiung (non-member)'s picture

Name change from Journal Costs in Libraries and from Costs of Continuing Resources in Libraries

Name and mission change is to reflect that the Interest Group will expand from just costs and pricing to access issues in general. This will provide for better cross-section collaboration with groups in the Acquisitions Section, Collection Management and Development Section.

Gwendolyn Bailey_DC (non-member)'s picture

Hi everyone

Our cost for our new year 2011 has gone up. This time of year we are very busy going over our renewal list for our title.  Our 2011 start Oct. 1, 2010 and the  2010 end September 30, so there are lots of changes we are making, price cost per issues, cancelling, and ordering new title. I am now trying to pay/catalog as many title before the end of September. The hardest part is trying to completed our renewal list.  The vendors are so demanding they want their money before the material come in. Congress has set our budet for the year 2011 and we must try to use  the money for our older orders material and  try to get  the new material for vendor who are cheaper. If the material cant come from my vendor then we try and find other source.