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Midwinter Meeting Notes

The following is a brief summary of the discussion:

-We went over who was speaking at the two programs we're hosting in DC this summer.  Ideas were tossed about for another speaker for the 2nd program.

-We would like to see the listing next time for Midwinter to say "Discussion" rather than "Meeting."

-A list of all previous Imagineers program speakers on ALA-Connect would be nice.  Where can we find the old information?

-Talk of what to put on the handouts for ALA Annual went on and will be written up in wiki form.

-We want to survey the people that attend the program to see if they are more open to change in technology to find out whether or not science fiction readers are having future shock or not because of science fiction authors writing about such things.

-There was talk about the idea of present shock.

-We will have two programs this ALA Annual in DC: our regular program featuring the following authors: CORY DOCTOROW, JANE LINDSKOLD, CHERIE PRIEST, BRANDON SANDERSON, and DOM TESTA.  Our second program will be on Monday at Annual from 10:30-noon and will feature Cory Doctorow, who will speak on the future of the genre, and James Gunn, who will speak on the past.