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REDC February 17, 2010 meeting

ACRL Racial & Ethnic Diversity Committee
Meeting via ALA Connect chat - February 17, 2010, 1-2pm

Transcript of this meeting is available on ALA Connect via the REDC's page. Select the Chats link (right side) and this meeting (Feb. 17) is the last one.

Present: Trevor Dawes, Emily Love, Heleni Pedersoli, Dee Holliday, Locke Morrisey (ACRL Board Liaison), Melanee Vicedo
Not present: Charlene Maxey-Harris, Patrick Tomlinson, Scott Mandernack, Michele Saunders

Working paper and guidelines

  • At Midwinter, we discussed sending out the working paper draft to the association for comments.
  • During today's meeting, it was agreed that it would be more beneficial and efficient to start writing the actual guidelines and send out the working paper and guidelines at the same time for comments/feedback.
  • REDC will write until mid-May, internal discussion/revision until July, external feedback starts at NDLC and wider distribution in July.
  • Action: REDC will write guidelines; Melanee will send out email to members in order to divide guidelines.
  • Action: Trevor and Melanee will contact National Association of Social Workers (NASW) to ask about the possibility of using language from their Cultural Competency Guidelines document.
  • Action: Melanee will talk to Anne Christie, REDC's liaison to ACRL's Standards and Guidelines Committee, to share our plans and confirm that it falls in line with the proper procedures.

Suggested Guidelines Timeline
May 21: Draft guidelines due from REDC members
June 7: Due - Feedback/comments due from all REDC members
July 2: Due - Final draft of guidelines
July 14-16: National Diversity in Libraries Conference (REDC members will have program; guidelines will be introduced/distributed for comments)
July 19: Draft of guidelines sent out to wider association* via ACRL office for feedback and comments
[Note: ALA Annual - June 24-29]

LIS Programs and cultural competency guidelines

  • REDC will not include LIS programs on the list of groups for feedback.
  • We will let the Committee on Accreditation and Council address this issue.

RBMS Diversity group (http://www.rbms.info/committees/diversity/index.shtml)

  • After Trevor's suggestion at the Midwinter meeting, Melanee contacted the RBMS Diversity Committee chairs to foster a relationship between the two groups.
  • RBMS Diversity chairs suggested a liaison from their committee to ours (participation could be in-person or online).
  • Check out their Diversity Recruitment Toolkit.
  • Action: Trevor will talk to the RBMS chair about this liaison.

Diversity information clearinghouse

  • ALA Office of Diversity is open to the concept of having a online clearinghouse for diversity information (shared via Dee's meeting with AOD).
  • Locke suggested the Council on Diversity (COD) should be consulted and eventually be the coordinator for this resource.
  • Action: Melanee will flesh out this clearinghouse suggestion and send out to REDC for feedback/suggestions.
  • After a clear purpose and audience is identified, COD and Office of Diversity will be contacted

Advertising our meetings

  • We need to advertise our meeting to a wider audience since our committee meetings are open.
  • Action: Melanee will ask Margot Conahan (ACRL) which lists we should use to publicize our meetings (distribution list below may be a good place to start).

Open discussion

  • No topics were brought up by those present.

* Distribution list will include ALA's Office of Diversity, Ethnic Caucuses, ACRLeads (mailing list for all committee chairs/vice-chairs), ACRL Communities of Practice Assembly (list for chair/vice-chair of each ACRL sections and convener of each interest group)