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Midwinter Report

PLA COMMITTEE NAME:   Legislative Advisory Group


Please provide a one or two paragraph report on the activities of your committee during the Midwinter Meeting and what you expect to accomplish prior to your next committee meeting.

The big take-aways were:

  • Broadband funding notice was released on Friday, Jan. 15 so that was a big topic.  The revisions reflected a lot of what ALA requested.
  • Jobs for Main Street bill:  Emily is trying to get $650 M added for libraries to hire staff to work with people who are working for jobs.  It sounds like a great idea. More details on who to call and what to say will be forthcoming.
  • LEARN….the literacy bill.  We will work with the Washington state folks to try and get to Senator Murray. 

Our REALLY big responsibility is to pack Capitol Hill on Tues, June 29 at 11AM for the National Library Advocacy Day.  Please register at ala.org/nlld   Try to drum up support in your state.

At this point, our taskforce is the Chair Kathleen Reif, and members John Sheller of King County (WA) and Alan Harkness of Piedmont Reg Library (GA)   I have asked Emily to send me the names of states that might play a key role in our legislation activities and I will try to recruit from those states.


Members present (please name):  Kathleen Reif, John Sheller


Members absent (please name):  Alan Harkness;  John Sondheim has retired and is no longer a member.

Visitors (please name):  none

Please attach relevant documents, i.e.: agenda, work completed, etc. THANK YOU!






NAME OF COMMITTEE:____PLA Legislative Advisory Group


YEAR: _______2010                       COMMITTEE CHAIR:     Kathleen Reif____


We will continue to work with the ALA Washington Office and try to get out the word about the June 29 National Library Advocacy Day in DC.



Kathleen Reif                                                                                     Jan. 25, 2010

___________________________________                                           ______________   Signature of Person Reporting                                                                  Date