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QR Codes Presentation

Joan Howland and Bonnie Peirce did a talk about QR codes called "Talking Walls, Hidden Stories" at the 2008 Gaming, Learning, and Libraries Symposium. I think they must have been ahead of their time, but the broader adoption of smartphones is finally giving the codes some momentum now.


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Thanks for creating this group, Jenny.

I have been playing around with this at the high school where I work. Ironically, I cannot control the library homepageĀ this tag

Ā links to, I can see this as being huge to point students to resources and instruction at the point of need.

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Here's an in-house presentation I gave a couple of months ago...still doing research, not sure how we'll use QR Clodes.

Laurie M. Bridges

Instruction and Emerging Technologies Librarian

Oregon State University Libraries

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Hi nice presentation and pictures!