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CLS Communications Committee Virtual Midwinter Meeting Minutes

CLS Communications Committee Midwinter Minutes

January 21, 2010 - 9:00 am CST

In attendance: Jenny Turner, Lizah Ismail, Rudy Leon, Christine Whittington, Mike Thompson, Dawn Thistle, Rhonda Huisman, Pat Duck, Julia Bauder

Luis Gonzalez sent his regrets at being unable to attend the meeting.

1. The CLS Website

  • Site design
    • We discussed what platform the website currently uses; there have been rumors of Drupal, but it might be Collage. Jenny will check with Shellie, our web person - both on the CMS and on what design changes Shellie can do on our current platform.  We might not need to use the ACRL/ALA-designated CMS; Jenny will check her notes and emails.
    • Design improvements must be made, but we will currently focus on generating ideas for design updates/changes.
  • Needed improvements and updates
    • Dawn mentioned needing a place for posting meeting minutes and other information on committee happenings that should be shared
    • We will "divide and conquer" the website to note needed improvements and updates.  Volunteers were solicited.  Jenny will dole out the assignments. 
    • Jenny will create sections on the wiki for people to post notes for the needed improvements (there will also be a design section for design ideas) - there is a "notify" option on ALA Connect; for those of us that are not great at remembering to check ALA Connect, this could be a useful tool.
  • Content - soliciting information from other committees
    • Dawn clarified that this was from other CLS committees
    • We decided to table this for now and focus on design and content improvements and updates; we'll revisit this topic at Annual


2. CLS and Social Media (a lively discussion)

  • Facebook - CLS has a page; what should we do with it?
    • Could we set up RSS feeds to/from blogs for this? (we will investigate this option)
    • Our CLS Chair should probably post on the page every so often
    • We could use it to gather ideas from people on what they'd like to see in the newsletter, etc
  • Twitter and other tools
    • Twitter feeds can be connected to our Facebook page (Jenny will contact our current Facebook admin, Peter Gilbert, to see about getting this set up - we need to iron out the whole admin thing, too)
    • Rhonda agreed to be our primary "tweeter;" she will set up an ACRL account for us and share the log-in info
    • Dawn recommended that we ask for a few more members to be appointed to our committee, so that we will be able to to accomplish everything that we want to.  (Jenny will do this)
    • Topics to tweet on:
      • Website of the month
      • ALA/ACRL conference sessions - probably create a hashtag for these, to allow others to tweet along
      • We can start with these and then ramp up the effort
  • ALA Connect
    • We'll focus on Twitter and Facebook for now
    • Jenny will set up a place on ALA Connect for us to post ideas on how to use this and other social media 
  • Tying things together
    • We'll focus on Twitter and Facebook as means for tying things together right now. 
    • We discussed using the Newsletter as both a place to promote our social media and as a place to highlight things that come across our social media


3. CLS Newsletter Update

  • The deadline for the next Newsletter is April 12
    • Pat posted to ALA Connect for the last issue, but had problems getting through on collib-l.  Mike will check her account.
    • Are there other places we could look to for content? Or places to request content?
      • "Top Tweets," if our Tweeting effort takes off
      • Facebook
      • Keep an eye out for good discussions on collib-l; if content is needed for the newsletter, follow up with the people who posted and ask for permission to use their posts for the newsletter.  Or do a column of important threads on collib-l (kind of like the top tweets idea)
  • Pat asked if the newsletter was still relevant, given all of our social media efforts and the fact that the newsletter is going online.  There was a general consensus that it is still relevant because:
    • Not all CLS members “do” social media
    • It’s a good place to compile all of the stuff we have going on elsewhere (facebook, Twitter...)
    • Also a place to expand on things that come across in shorter formats.  
  • There seems to be some confusion regarding if the newsletter is always online-only or if it is online-only for one issue and online and print for the other.  Jenny thinks she has the emails about this and will check the documentation
  • Archiving
    • Now that we are digital, where are copies kept?  Adam Burling might know (Jenny will follow up with him)
    • After the meeting, Rhonda reported that the University of Illinois archives print publications for ACRL (Jenny will look into this possible source of archiving, too)

4. Collib-l update

  •  Mike reported that while other listservs claim to be declining in numbers, Collib-l is booming.  2045 subscribers, up from around 1,000 in 2003.  Traffic is constant, topics are interesting, and troubles are minimal.
  • Mike is retiring from listserv management.  Diane Fulkerson will be taking over as co-manager, but we still need another.  Mike has been the solo admin, but having a second helps with vacations, etc.  (Jenny will ask for volunteers from the Communications Committee members that were unable to join us.  If that is not fruitful, she will ask if a member can be appointed with that specific task assigned to them)
  • While the rules and regulations of collib-l have been kept to a minimum, Mike suggested revisiting and revising these to more clearly define, for example, what constitutes and advertisement.  We should also define the admin's right to remove a member from the list, should the person violate the rules and regulations (although this has rarely occurred in the past, it would be a good idea to have some guidelines in place in case it happens again in the future). Jenny will set up a forum/discussion on ALA Connect for us to refine and revise the rules.  We will vote on changes at Annual. *Per Mike's post meeting suggestion, this discussion will be postponed until new list moderators have been secured.

5. Other

  • Communication will follow the meeting regarding where/how information can be compiled on our ALA Connect page.


Submitted February 4, 2010

Jennifer Turner, CLS Communication Committee Chair