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Please feel free to join this community of people interested in promoting international understanding and good will through books and literacy services to children and teenagers. Check out the website for usbby.org for more information about our organization. You are invited to post information from  other institutions and organizations that have similar goals and ideals.

Doris Gebel

Barbara Genco's picture

Thanks for taking the initiative and setting this up Doris!

Best, bg

Barbara A. Genco
ALA Councilor at Large
Editor, Collection Management, LIBRARY JOURNAL

K. T. Horning's picture

Thanks so much for starting this group, Doris. --KT

Doris Gebel's picture

Hi KT, please feel free to share the invite to whomever you think may be interested. As you know, you don't have to be an ALA member to participate--Doris


Doris Gebel


Aline Pereira (non-member)'s picture

PaperTigers just recently joined USBBY, and we are excited to be part of this new group. We should be checking and posting to it often.

Aline Pereira
Managing Editor, PaperTigers
300 Third St. Suite 822
San Francisco, CA 94107

PaperTigers website: http://www.papertigers.org
PaperTigers blog: http://www.papertigers.org/wordpress

Doris Gebel's picture

Hi Aline, Try out the calendar feature to post any events you think may be of interest to the group. I started a list on the chat feature (maybe I should start a new discussion-I'm still new at this) to list organizations with similar goals.



Doris Gebel


Marybeth Kozikowski (non-member)'s picture

Thank you for the invitation. I am sure I will learn a great deal from this site and the librarians who contribute to it.

M. Kozikowski

M. Kozikowski

Judith Lechner's picture

I've just joined and am delighted that Doris has set up this community.  Looking forward to  discussions.  Judy

Laurina Cashin (non-member)'s picture


Thanks for inviting me in -- I'm glad to know that USBBY is on ALA Connect.



Laurina Cashin

We Love Children's Books

Annapolis MD


Jane Meyers's picture

We at Lubuto Library Project are also grateful to see this new forum.


Jane Kinney Meyers

Laura Resau (non-member)'s picture

Thanks for inviting me to be part of this community! I look forward to the updates and discussions!


Laura Resau (Author)

Laura Resau

Sarah Raulli (non-member)'s picture

I finally got a chance to set up an account and join!

Thanks for inviting me :)