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Mentoring Duo Agreement

LAMA Mentoring Program Mentor/Mentee Agreement

This agreement will cover the period from: June, 2012 to April, 2013

Mentor:        Telephone:        E-mail:     

Mentee:        Telephone:         E-mail:      


We plan to meet face to face...

How often:        When:        Where:       

 In addition to face-to-face meetings, other ways we'll communicate with each other (check all that apply):

How often we’ll communicate with each other non-face to face:      

 Any anticipated limits or constraints that will affect our interaction include (time constraints, travel, etc.):      

 How we'll handle these constraints:      

 Expectations we have of each other:       

 How the mentee prefers to receive positive and corrective feedback from the mentor (ex. direct and to the point, "sandwich approach," privately, etc.):      

 Items to keep confidential (ex. everything discussed between us or only things that are specified during our discussions):      

 Anticipated challenges we may face and what we can do to prevent or manage these:      

 Additional Agreements:      

 By completing this form we agree to work together in good faith and to commit ourselves to LAMA’s mentoring initiative for the specified period.

 Mentor Name: ___________________________  Mentee Name: ___________________________

Mentor Title/Position:                                               Mentee Title/Position:      

Date:                                                                          Date: