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LITA Publications Committee Midwinter 2010 Minutes

Publications Committee minutes
January 16, 2010, 1:30-3:30 pm
Boston Convention & Exhibition Center, room 160C

Attendance: 14 members, LITA staff, guests.

1.  After a review of the agenda and introductions, Board liaison Lorre Smith reported on the joint meeting of ALA Publishing and Publications Chairs, which she attended on behalf of the committee.

2.  ITAL business.  Preliminary results of the ITAL reader survey had been distributed to the committee and Marc Truitt, ITAL editor, reported that they would be discussed in more detail at the ITAL Editorial Board meeting.  The committee also reviewed the ITAL Editorial Board's proposal to set up a preprint server, similar to that of C&RL.  This proposal was supported and was sent to the LITA Board for review.  Marc reported that ITAL does not yet have a schedule to move to an online platform but will be discussing the issue at its meeting.

3.  The committee heard a report about the Tech Set series, edited by Ellyssa Kroski and published by Neal Schuman.  The series is scheduled for release spring 2010.  A potential programming tie in with this series was discussed and supported by the committee.  Since it's too late for annual 2010, other options were discussed, including LITA Forum, Annual 2011 or a Midwinter discussion.

4.  Kristin reported on the search for LITA Acquisitions Editor and that interviews were being conducted at ALA.  The committee discussed challenges faced by previous editors and how the Publications Committee could do more in the area of identification of topics and recruitment of authors in support of the acquisitions program.  Potential non-print and/or non-traditional publication options were also discussed.

5.  The scope of the committee was discussed in terms of formal vs. informal publications, publications vs. communications.  The consensus was that the Publications Committee focuses on formal publications, while other groups within LITA, and the LITA staff, are concerned with informal publication/communication venues (blogs, wikis, website).

The meeting was adjourned at 3:30.

Respectfully submitted,
Kristin Antelman
Chair, LITA Publications Committee