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Michele Farley's picture

Dia Survey Draft 2/1/10

Okay, after looking at the suggestions, I have gotten the survey down to 9 questions.  I completely took out the original #9 which stated "What challenges do patrons from underserved cultural backgrounds have in utilizing the programs and services currently offered by your library?"  We talked about this at MW and felt that we'd get answers that we already knew: lack of transportation, language barriers and lack of knowledge about the library in general.  If I remember correctly, we all felt that these were sort of universal and that as a committee, that wasn't something that we could do much about.  (PLEASE let me know if you feel differently and think we need to add it back in!!)

I also combined 4 and 5 and asked them to rate the populations to their best knowledge.

Per others' suggestions, I changed in the wording in the questions about rating the library's effectiveness in attracting patrons and the quality of programming. 

Any other suggestions?




Dia 2.1 draft.doc27 KB
Kathleen Houlihan's picture

The changes look great!

Kathleen Houlihan
Youth Program Librarian
Austin Public Library

Amy Holcomb's picture

Agreed!  The wording is much better and the questions flow a bit better as well.  Thanks for making the edits, Michele!

Sherry Rampey (non-member)'s picture

I think the new changes are great.


Tessa Michaelson Schmidt's picture

I think the survey changes are great.  The flow and wording are vastly improved.

Do you think on #9 we should clarify that Dia now encompasses all cultures or has been expanded to include all cultures?  Or do you think it's irrelevant?

Tessa Michaelson Schmidt
Public Library Youth Services and Special Services
Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction
125 South Webster Street
Madison, WI 53707
Phone: (608) 267-5507

Bethany Lafferty (non-member)'s picture

I really like these changes. The questions are more succinct and well worded.

Tessa makes a good point about the fact that Dia now encompasses other cultures.  I don't know if it's a significant difference to say that it "now encompasses..." The important fact is knowing whether those completing the survey are aware of this fact or not.  (did that make sense?)

Bethany Lafferty
Assistant Branch Manager/Youth Services Department Head
Green Valley Library
Henderson, NV