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Minutes of EBSS Higher Education Committee 1-8-10

EBSS Higher Education Committee Meeting Minutes

January 8, 2010

Members Present:   Sarah Beasley, Jeris Cassel, Gloria Colvin (convener), Vanessa Earp, Marilyn Hicks, Jeannie Kamerman, Susan Kendall, Diane Schrecker

Guests:  Dana Peterman

The virtual meeting via Elluminate was called to order at 1:00 p.m. EST.   The agenda was shared via the listserv prior to the meeting and was visible online throughout the duration of the meeting.

Gloria Colvin, Co-Chair, welcomed everyone and thanked Susan Kendall for managing the Elluminate setup for the meeting.   Susan reviewed the features of Elluminate.  


 Everyone introduced themselves.


 Impact of changes in 6th edition of APA style

With the changes and errors in the new edition, members reported some departments at their institutions are not adopting the new version.  Generally, the decision to adopt is at the discretion of individual departments.  Since APA may not be giving a rundown of the revised style at the Sunday breakfast, Vanessa Earp agreed to pose questions there as appropriate.


There was a brief discussion of databases not exporting consistently the correct APA style information to RefWorks.  Some database producers do not include the DOI even when the publisher provides it.    When RefWorks imports records, it assumes a paper or print version unless the record is specifically attached to an electronic version.  Even if there is a DOI, it may not appear in the bibliography.  Vanessa noted that for that reason her institution has created a special output style so that the DOI always appears in the bibliography.   


 Designing content for mobile devices
Jeannie Kamerman led the discussion for making library information, specifically tutorials, mobile accessible.  She noted that 85% of the American adult population owns some type of mobile device and that over half of the college student population with mobile devices has access to the Internet on their handheld devices.   She shared information regarding her PowerPoint “PsycINFO for Education Research” tutorial which has been made mobile accessible, inviting comments and critiques.  Some reported using Camtasia or Captivate to create tutorials and making them available on YouTube,  while others reported focus on making their full library website available for a mobile presence.


 Open discussion on meeting virtually

 Consensus was that it worked well.  Elluminate was easy to use and workable.  The Java app seemed to re-install  upon opening Elluminate each time, which is annoying.  Having the chat option was advantageous, but could be distracting in conjunction with the audio.  It is difficult to read and talk at the same time, but the chat is a good option to have.  Using noise cancelling microphones to eliminate echo is important.   Some members missed seeing the faces of everyone during the session, but understood technological issues involved if the group had opted to use video.


Project update

Some revisions and updates are still needed to the Wiki resources.  Anyone interested in working on a section on scholarly communication should let Gloria know.  The project was sent to the EBSS Publications and Communications Committee for making it available on the website. 


Annual Meeting Agenda

LibGuide will be a discussion item at the committee meeting at Annual.


The meeting was adjourned at 11:30 a.m.