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Michele Farley's picture

2010 Dia Survey Draft Questions

Here is the draft of the questions for our Dia survey.

Survey-DRAFT to PAC 1-8-10.doc38.5 KB
Sherry Rampey (non-member)'s picture

Hi everyone,

I noticed that the survey is being sent to Public Library Director's and Reforma members, but I was thinking this could also be sent to those who work in the military libraries.  Would military library directors also be the same as a public library directors?

I ask this question, because when I worked at a fort library I noticed there was a HUGE multicultural population.  I think this survey would be very beneficial to those who work at libraries in a military community. 


Michele Farley's picture


I think the idea of sending the survey to the military libraries is wonderful, but I am not sure we have contact information for them.  I am going to check with the ALSC folks and see if ALA might have a database with that information that we can use. 




Bethany Lafferty (non-member)'s picture

It appears that the Special Library Association (SLA) has a division on Military Libraries.  If ALSC doesn't have any contacts perhaps we can approach the Military Libraries Divisions directly. 

Here is a link to their information: http://units.sla.org/division/dmil/ 

Bethany Lafferty
Assistant Branch Manager/Youth Services Department Head
Green Valley Library
Henderson, NV

Mary Fellows's picture

Refreshing my memory from our meeting, I see that we need to get the survey to ten questions. I think questions 6-11 are most essential *if* a goal of this survey is to use it to attract funds for our project. 

I think substituting "attracting" for "enticing" in question 7 is an improvement.

I'd also substitute "effectiveness" for "quality" in question 8.

My suggestion is that we drop questions 5 and 12 as the least important (not unimportant, just least). I think we might work question 12 in under 11, somehow. If not, and we really want 12 to stay in, then we could instead drop question 1. 


Mary Fellows
Manager, Youth and Family Services
Upper Hudson Library System
Albany, New York
Sherry Rampey (non-member)'s picture

I had recently sent an e-mail concerning the survey questions, but I will repost here for everyone to see. If we are looking to narrow the questions down, perhaps we could combine a couple of the questions together?  I think combining questions #6 and #8 as well as #7 and #9 together would help cut down on the repetiveness (I'm not sure that is the right word to use).  It seems that these particular questions could be joined together to become a more effective question.