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2010 Dia Survey Draft Questions

Here is the draft of the questions for our Dia survey.

Survey-DRAFT to PAC 1-8-10.doc38.5 KB
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Hi everyone,

I noticed that the survey is being sent to Public Library Director's and Reforma members, but I was thinking this could also be sent to those who work in the military libraries.  Would military library directors also be the same as a public library directors?

I ask this question, because when I worked at a fort library I noticed there was a HUGE multicultural population.  I think this survey would be very beneficial to those who work at libraries in a military community. 


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I think the idea of sending the survey to the military libraries is wonderful, but I am not sure we have contact information for them.  I am going to check with the ALSC folks and see if ALA might have a database with that information that we can use. 




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It appears that the Special Library Association (SLA) has a division on Military Libraries.  If ALSC doesn't have any contacts perhaps we can approach the Military Libraries Divisions directly. 

Here is a link to their information: http://units.sla.org/division/dmil/ 

Bethany Lafferty
Assistant Branch Manager/Youth Services Department Head
Green Valley Library
Henderson, NV

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Refreshing my memory from our meeting, I see that we need to get the survey to ten questions. I think questions 6-11 are most essential *if* a goal of this survey is to use it to attract funds for our project. 

I think substituting "attracting" for "enticing" in question 7 is an improvement.

I'd also substitute "effectiveness" for "quality" in question 8.

My suggestion is that we drop questions 5 and 12 as the least important (not unimportant, just least). I think we might work question 12 in under 11, somehow. If not, and we really want 12 to stay in, then we could instead drop question 1. 


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I had recently sent an e-mail concerning the survey questions, but I will repost here for everyone to see. If we are looking to narrow the questions down, perhaps we could combine a couple of the questions together?  I think combining questions #6 and #8 as well as #7 and #9 together would help cut down on the repetiveness (I'm not sure that is the right word to use).  It seems that these particular questions could be joined together to become a more effective question.