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Welcome to PAC on Connect! Please reply to this discussion so that I know we're all on here. When doing this, please mark "Public" under Audience, so that others on Connect can see our work. Thanks! Michele

Sherry Rampey (non-member)'s picture

Hi Michele,

It looks like there is a lot of work to do!  I am super excited about the plans that are being made.  I look forward to working with everyone!



Michele Farley's picture

That was quick, Sherry! 

Kathleen Houlihan's picture

I'm here!

I don't see a way to mark the audience as public... perhaps that's something that only happens when you start a new thread?

Kathleen Houlihan
Youth Program Librarian
Austin Public Library

Michele Farley's picture

The "public" thing is only for new threads.  Anyway, very glad to see you on here!



Mary Fellows's picture

Fun to learn a new way of working!

Mary Fellows

Mary Fellows
Manager, Youth and Family Services
Upper Hudson Library System
Albany, New York
Amy Holcomb's picture

Sorry to respond so late!  I'm here and ready to get going on our projects!

Linda Mays (staff)'s picture

I'm glad to be a part of things.


Linda Mays

Tessa Michaelson Schmidt's picture

Sorry folks--snowstorms and technical problems delayed my ALA Connect arrival.

I'm here and will soon update my avatar. 


Tessa Michaelson Schmidt
Public Library Youth Services and Special Services
Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction
125 South Webster Street
Madison, WI 53707
Phone: (608) 267-5507

Laura Schulte-Cooper (staff)'s picture

Looks like you've been busy here, Michele!


Laura Schulte-Cooper Program Officer Association for Library Service to Children American Library Association 50 E. Huron St. Chicago, IL 60611

Bethany Lafferty (non-member)'s picture

Just doing my part to check in! I'm with y'all until I have the baby!

Bethany Lafferty
Assistant Branch Manager/Youth Services Department Head
Green Valley Library
Henderson, NV

Barbara Scotto's picture

I'm sorry to be so late getting here.  I made sure my account was set up when you told us to do it, but I really didn't connect with how it all worked.  Now that I've figured it out, I'm on board.



Barbara Scotto
Children's Literature New England
Brookline, MA

Michele Farley's picture

Glad to see you here Barbara!



Ana-Elba Pavon's picture

Hi Everyone,

I decided to check in on this today and found all of you!  Good to be working with all of you!