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Draft Minutes from Midwinter

The committee's draft minutes are now available on the wiki.  Members of Steering agreed with our recommendation that draft minutes are to be posted by February 1st, and approved within two weeks (by February 15th). 

Please review the minutes and post your comments to this ALA Connect post no later than February 1st.  After that we'll update the minutes with the appropriate changes and vote to approve them by February 15th.




Valerie Glenn's picture

I've already noticed that I forgot to add more about our discussion of emerging technologies! 

We agreed that new technologies would be used on an experimental basis, with a dotted line indicating that the managers of new technologies would be coordinating with the GODORT Web Admin.  There was general agreement that, if a new technology's manager moved on without someone taking on that role, that the technology would be abandoned.

John Stevenson's picture

Thanks for posting this, Valerie.  I added the comment to the draft minutes and hope that other attendees will check their notes to see if any points have been missed or glossed over.

John A. Stevenson
Associate Librarian, Student Multimedia Design Center
University of Delaware Library
302 831-8671