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Midwinter 2010 meeting notes

The IG vice-chair, Mary A. Axford, opened the meeting by introducing herself, followed by introductions from the rest of the attendees.  Attending were two of the three speakers and the moderator for IRSIG's program at Annual 2010; Marshall Breeding (Vanderbilt University), Stephen Abram (Gale Cengage), and Roy Tennant (OCLC).  The third speaker will be Karen Schneider from Holy Names University. Also in attendance were several other ALA members.

Roy Tennant, the debate moderator, started the discussion of the upcoming Ultimate Debate: Free Beer or Free Puppy? Open Source vs. Proprietary Software.  He said that there would be a list of questions drawn up that the panel members would see in advance, but he also planned to take questions during the program from Twitter. 

The group discussed potential debate questions, and made a short draft list for consideration.

Next the group considered possible discussion topics for the IRSIG business meeting at ALA Annual. A companion topic to the Debate was decided on; the business meeting will include a discussion of open source communication tools and short presentations from attendees with ongoing projects.

Finally, the group elected a new vice-chair, Sarah Passonneau from Iowa State University. Sarah will move into the vice-chair position after ALA Annual 2010.