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ALCTS Publications Committee Chair responsibilities

This document outlines the responsibilities of the ALCTS Publications Committee chair and how the ALCTS Publications Committee is structured.



  • Chair
  • Liaison - Acquisitions
  • Liaison - Cataloging & Metadata Management
  • Liaison - Collection Management
  • Liaison - Continuing Resources
  • Liaison - Preservation & Reformatting
  • Members-at-Large
  • Virtual members
  • Interns
  • Ex-officio - ANO
  • Ex-officio - LMPI
  • Ex-officio - LRTS
  • Ex-officio - Paper Series
  • Liaison - ALCTS Board
  • Liaison - ALCTS Office


Appointment of Committee Members:

Appointment to the ALCTS Publishing Committee is done by the ALCTS Executive, although you may be asked to recommend someone. Members rotate on/off after the Annual Conference in June; appointments are generally for 2 years.


Maintaining the listserv, permissions on ALA Connect:

Access to the listserv (alcts-pub@ala.org) and the Committee's space is set by the ALCTS Office. After the Annual Conference (beginning of July), ask Charles Wilt in the ALCTS Office to send out the Committee roster. Review the roster on ALA Connect and make sure that everyone on the Committee is listed. Similarly, send a test email to the listserv asking everyone to respond so you know that everyone on the Committee has been added to the list. If you notice errors, contact Charles Wilt in the ALCTS Office.


Meetings at ALA:

  1. ALCTS All-Committee Meeting (Sunday 10:30-12:00pm)

    Meet with the Chairs of other ALCTS Division-level Committees. Usually convened by Chair of the Leadership Committee. Useful for making a connection with other Chairs and talking about issues.

  2. ALCTS Publications Committee Meeting (Sunday, 1:30-3:30pm) (Chair)

    Meet with the members of the ALCTS Publishing Committee.

  3. You does not need to book a time/room for these two meetings; this is done by the ALCTS Office. The ALCTS Office will send out a room schedule announcement 6-8 weeks before ALA. You are, however, responsible for creating an agenda for the ALCTS Publication Committee meetings, and sending the agenda with the time/place out to the Committee via the listserv.

  4. Meeting with Section Publication Committee Chairs
  5. Optionally, consider meeting informally (e.g. over coffee) with the Chairs of the Section Publication Committees at the Midwinter Meeting and Annual Conference, if schedules and interest permit. Chair of these Committees are not necessarily the liaisons to the Publication Committees, so it's useful to be able to connect with the Section Chairs.

  6. Meeting with ALA Publishing

    ALA Publishing has sometimes invited the chairs of Division Publication Committees to a Q&A hour from 4:30-5:30pm on the Friday of the Midwinter Meeting. Since some of our publications are handled by ALA (rather than by the ALCTS Office), this is a chance to meet and ask questions of ALA Publishing staff, as well as the chairs of other Division Publication Committees. Optional.

How we get publications:

Generally, publications originate through one of the section publication committees. It is not your responsibilty as Chair to search out publications, although you are welcome to pass suggestions on to the section publication committees. The Section Committees generally deal with the proposals because their members have the background and expertise to vet the proposals/manuscripts before they come to ALCTS Publications. Rarely, a publication proposal will come directly to ALCTS Publications because there is no appropriate section committee for it.

The Paper Series editor will target presenters from ALCTS programs/symposia. Similary, the ANO and LRTS editors will approach speakers and ask them to consider writing an article for their respective publications.


Relationship with Papers Series, LMPI, ANO, LRTS:

Paper Series and Library Materials Price Index Editorial Boards are officially subcommittees of ALCTS Publications, but operate independently. Library Resources & Technical Services and ALCTS Newsletter Online (ANO) are similarly independent but have a close working relationship with the Publications Committee.

Reviewing Proposals & Manuscripts:

The ALCTS Publishing Handbook outlines the process for the submission and acceptance of proposals and manuscripts. Generally, you should aim for a 2 week turn-around time between the time you receive a proposal/manuscript from the Section Publications Committee to the time you, as a Committee, approve the proposal/manuscript.

For proposals, Committee members should be invited to review & comment. For manuscripts, you should solicit 2-3 Committee members to review the manuscript, paying attention to whether the content matches the original proposal. The goal of reviewing the manuscript is not to find typos or spelling errors, as that will be done by the publication editors; rather, it is to ensure that the manuscript is readable, well-organized and has delivered what was originally proposed by the authors.

Note: As Chair, your job is to engage the Committee and let them decide, rather than register an opinion or vote. However, it is also your job to see that all Committee members participate in reviewing proposals and manuscripts.


Reports & Minutes:

You are required to submit a quarterly report of Committee activities to the ALCTS President and ALCTS Executive Director; the ALCTS President will send out a reminder when the reports are due. (This report is generally a simple, short bulleted list, 1 page or less.)

A report of Committee activities following Midwinter and Annual is sent to the ALCTS Office, the ALCTS Planning Committee Chair, and the ANO Editor. The ANO Editor will send out a reminder when the reports are due. (This report should use the forms and document naming conventions posted on the ALCTS website.)



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