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2010 Midwinter Forum: Exploring E-Book Holdings: Relevance and Standards

Time:  Saturday January 16, 2010, 4:00 pm-5:30 pm
Location:  Westin Waterfront--Webster (Boston, MA)

As libraries add more e-books to their collections, questions arise as to how to create and manage their holdings data. This Forum will explore holdings standards such as ONIX SOH and how they might apply to electronic books; the role holdings information might play in managing e-book holdings in services such as OCLC WorldCat; and the similarity and difference between managing holdings information for e-journals and e-books.

 Speakers: Matt Goldner (OCLC), Maria Stanton (SerialsSolutions), Katharina Klemperer (HARRASSOWITZ and EDItEUR)

See attachment for Presentations and Forum reports


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Thank you for posting these presentations. So many of us cannot attend what we want to and this gives us a good idea of content and contacts.

Connie Foster