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FRBR IG Midwinter Meeting

Friday, January 15, 2010
10:30 am to 12:00 pm, US/Eastern

Boston Convention and Exhibition Center, Room 156 A/B

Meeting Agenda

Welcome and introductions

            Chair: Tami Morse McGill, University of Wyoming Libraries, tmorsemc@uwyo.edu

            Vice-chair/Chair-elect: Dr. Judy Jeng, Clarion University, jjeng@clarion.edu

IG Business:

  • Chair's report on renewal petition
  • ALA Connect space for discussions, document storage, other uses?


  • Suggestion for discussion: outreach to other groups in ALA -- add it to our function statement?  Implementation?
  • Jennifer Bowen: FRBR implementation in the eXtensible Catalog
  • Year of Cataloging Research: suggestions from Dawn Hale, LRTS Editorial Board
  • The remainder of the meeting will be an open discussion on any FRBR-related topics the attendees are interested in.  Based on discussions from past meetings, some suggested topics include:
    • Implementations of FRBR -- progress and issues
    • Collaborative work on "FRBRizing" existing data, and repositories for cooperative work