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Should we pursue an update to the History of the Government Documents Roundtable?

Should GODORT issue a decennial update to History of the Government Documents Roundtable (GODORT) of the American Library Association 1972-2002 for GODORT's fortieth anniversary in 2012?  The original twenty year history was by Lois Mills.  Her work was expanded to include the next decade by Larry Romans and Sandy Peterson.  The book was published in 2002 by the Congressional Information Service, Inc. for the thirtieth anniversary of GODORT.  Printed copies were distributed at no charge and a PDF of the history is available on the GODORT website.

Because they were the last authors of the GODORT history, I have sent Larry and Sandy messages via ALA Connect to confirm the copyright holder of the work and ask about their potential interest in updating the project.  If they are not interested, other members may be recruited to help revise the history.  The resulting work could be published as a PDF in the same way that the Occasional Papers are, incurring minimal costs to GODORT.

While an updated history would not generate revenue, GODORT members have expressed interest in the round table's history.  This would compliment GODORT's oral history project.  Because publications that require funding for distribution and reproduction (or for other expenses) must be approved by Publications Committee and by the Steering Committee, I am adding this topic as a "new business" item for our Midwinter meeting.

John Stevenson

Judith Downie (non-member)'s picture

I endorse keeping the history updated, especially in light of the 40th anniversary. How can we argue for saving information if we don't do so ourselves? --Judith

Judith A. Downie
Humanities & Government Documents Librarian
California State University San Marcos

James Church's picture

Fine with me, if we can find some people to do it

Jim Church
Librarian for Economics & International Government Information
University of California, Berkeley
438 Doe Library
Berkeley, CA 94720 USA
Email: jchurch@library.berkeley.edu
Tel: (510) 768-7611

Aimee Quinn's picture

I absolutely agree that we need to keep the history updated.  There is much to celebrate with GODORT turning 40!

Aimée C. Quinn