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LPSS Library Instruction Committee virtual meeting

Tags: Events | 2010
Wednesday, January 13, 2010
11:00 am to 12:30 pm, US/Eastern

meeting ID is lpsslic

Dim Dim portal https://webmeeting.dimdim.com/portal/login.html 
Please note that the DimDim password is lpsslic with the capslock on; the form would not display as caps, but it only works that way when you type it in.

Audio: Conference call dial # 1-800-501-8979; access code is 5998185; I left the camera and microphone enabled when I scheduled the DimDim meeting; but since some of us may not use these, I have set the primary audio as the phone conference call.

1. Intros - a bit about you, your institution, the students you work with, what kind of instruction you do, etc

2. Our main task is to provide a bibliography to accompany the LPSS 2010 Annual Program:

Participatory Democracy in an Internet Age

The 2008 elections were a potential watershed moment for the intersection of politics and the Internet.  Candidates and voters connected in new ways reshaping campaign planning, discourse and politics.  New mediums of communication from the campaign trail, such as Facebook, Youtube, Twitter and other social networking tools may radically alter U.S. democratic institutions, including how Americans get information about and interact with public officials.  Learn how the Internet is transforming participation in the political process

How can we divide up this work? Last year, each committee member found and annotated a number of citations (to articles and web resources) related to different aspects of the topic. We could approach it in a similar way. Some angles might be 1) how candidates employ digital media to communicate their ideas and positions  2) fundraising / campaign finance; leveling of playing field vs big donors 3) voter-citizen engagement in the political process; as supporters/ advocates, or 4) to learn about issues and candidates. Please consider how we can go about this and we will discuss; all ideas are welcome.

3. I would like to start working on a collection of "active learning" instruction activities on topics or resources that are especially used by LPSS members; examples might be Foreign Relations of the US, Supreme Court opinions, Treaties, Serial Set, Federal Register, even databases like Congressional Universe or Lexis-Nexis Legal. If we can make a start with one or two of these, it could be something that future committee members could build on / adapt in the future.

4. Any other projects or issues that committee members would like to discuss