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EBSS Online Learning Research Committee Midwinter 2010Minutes

ALA Midwinter 2010 – Virtual Meeting

Online Learning Research Committee

Date: Thursday, Dec. 17 11:00 central standard time
Location:  Via Dim Dim platform

 Name of person submitting Minutes:  Lori Mestre


 Members Present: Lisa Baures Veronica Bielat, Jim Blansett, Beth Broyles, Sarah Cantrell, Lori Mestre,  Sharon Naylor

Members Excused:  Travis Bonnet, Kathy Dabbaur, Mona Niedbala

Guests:  Merrie Davidson, Darlene Nichols, Corinne Bishop


Agenda Items:

  • Introductions- Lori  welcomed members and guests and provided a brief introduction of the Dim Dim platform.
  • Minutes from Annual 2009 were approved.
  • IS Current Topic Discussion Update.  Lisa Baures, Veronica Bielet, Lori Mestre and Mona Niedbala (OLRC members) will be facilitating an online discussion via Adobe Connect Pro on January 29th at 2:00 E.T.  They had submitted a proposal that was accepted by the Instruction Section.  They will be the first to conduct an online current topic discussion.  The topic is: What works? Sharing best online practices for teaching information literacy.   Lori also reminded the group that this will be the third discussion facilitation by members of this committee (which is only 2 ½ years old).  Corinne Bishop, Mona Niedbala and Lori Mestre facilitated one at Midwinter 2009; Mona and Lori facilitated one at ACRL last year. Mona had submitted a proposal for another at annual 2010, but it was not approved.
  • Article Submitted:  Lori informed the group that the article that several members of this committee submitted entitled: “Creating Learning Objects for Information Literacy: 
    An Exploration in Best Practices” was just returned from EBSS Publications Committee with their recommendations for edits.  The co-authors will revise and resubmit.  If the EBSS Publications Ctte feels it is of a caliber to be sent to ACRL they will do so.  ACRL has the first “right of refusal” for publications submitted by any of its committees.  If, after review, they do not want to publish it—then the co-authors can seek outside publication. 


  • Discussion of the Learning Objects Toolkit: contents and maintenance http://www.library.illinois.edu/diglit/coop/olrc/index.html
    • Lori provided the background of the project, including the initial work that was done in a wiki and then transferred to a web page.  The group discussed moving the web page to the EBSS wiki for ease in access, maintenance and updating. They agreed this would be optimal.  Lori will work with Mona (current chair) to submit the form to EBSS publishing.  The actual migration might not begin until annual. Lori asked if there was a concern for having the wiki open to viewing if only parts of it were complete.  The group said that as long as there was a note indicating that it is not yet complete (with perhaps the link to the web page) it should be fine.   Lori also provided a link to a libguide that she did based on OLRC work.  This group could work from that page as well.  The url is: http://uiuc.libguides.com/learningobjects.
    • The group discussed procedures for updating the wiki and decided that assignments would be made at each midwinter meeting.  Each OLRC member would receive a section to update with changes to be complete by annual each year.  Also, Lori will check to see if ACRL has a link resolver which will facilitate the process.
    • It was suggested that there be separate categories for open source/freeware and those that cost money—perhaps using $$ as a symbol for those items. 
    • We also need to develop a list of standards for our entries, such as format, font size, and criteria to apply.  It would also be good to include links to reviews and also have comments enabled on the wiki so that those using the wiki could also add their links, suggestions about the products.—Lori will follow up with Jessica (EBSS web manager) regarding this.
    • There was a desire to promote the toolkit.  Lori mentioned that Mona had ideas about that as well and had submitted a proposal for annual 2010, which was not accepted.  Other suggestions to promote the wiki include the EBSS newsletter, ALA connect, Educause, State Library Association pages, Merlot, and other repositories.
  • Virtual Meeting Wiki Project (with IS)-- part of EBSS Action Plan.  Stefanie Davis-Kohl (current vice chair of EBSS)and Lori Mestre (current chair of EBSS) submitted two Action Plan Proposals to ACRL last summer.  One for creating podcasts was funded and the other was approved to proceed (without funding) with the Instruction Section collaboration.  That proposal was entitled “Meeting Virtually: How to Conduct and Moderate an Effective Virtual Meeting”.  Lori mentioned that this would be something that the OLRC could work on since we already had a lot of information on our Toolkit page.  We would need to develop the  Pedagogy and Discussion pages at: http://www.library.illinois.edu/diglit/coop/olrc/pedagogy/index.html and  Web conferencing page at: http://www.library.illinois.edu/diglit/coop/olrc/networking/conferencing.html or http://uiuc.libguides.com/content.php?pid=64638&sid=512743  and create/links to tutorials etc.   Although the work was not to begin until after annual 2010, Lori was asked by ACRL to expedite the work due to the immediate need of this information.  She has several other tools/resources developed by others (including ACRL) that she can include.  Veronica sent a tipsheet from her work with LIRT-TLT that discussed the effective use of virtual meetings and virtual meeting software (Elluminate).  Lori will begin the process of updating the information and then communicate with Mona (the current chair) and the committee about further efforts this semester related to this project.
  • The group also discussed exploring google wave and sent around invitations.
  • Action Items:
    • Lori will work with Mona to complete the necessary forms to move the Toolkit webpage to the EBSS wiki, including the need to be able to have the comment feature available.
    • Committee members will gather web conferencing tools/reviews/tutorials etc. that we can include in the WIKI to be developed
    • Committee members will also send suggestions/examples of lists of criteria to apply to web pages/wikis—such as those developed for communication studies/instruction.

Adjournment: 12:00 central standard time.