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2010 EBSS membership and Orientation Committee Midwinter Virtual Meeting Minutes

Membership and Orientation Committee, Education and Behavioral Sciences Section

Minutes: December 10, 2009

NOTE: A recording of this meeting can be accessed following these instructions:

  1. Dial (605) 477-2199
  2. Enter Access Code: 570320#

Present:  Tobeylinn Birch, Scott Collard (Chair), Cheryl Goldenstein, Linda Hofschire, Nancy O’Brien (recorder), Andy Revelle, Deborah Schaeffer

Excused:  Dottie Persson

Absent:  Robert Hinton (Note: Robert is most likely no longer on the committee)

Guest:  Sean Vaillancourt

  • Chair Scott Collard began the meeting with a welcome and introductions.  A combination of conference call and chat using ALA Connect was used to conduct this virtual meeting.  Nancy O’Brien volunteered to take minutes.
  • Details related to the EBSS Social to be held in Boston during ALA Midwinter were discussed.  Locations near EBSS meetings were the primary concern in terms of convenience and proximity.  Scott offered to handle the arrangements; Deborah will assist in onsite coordinating as needed.
  • A discussion of current membership statistics and ways to increase membership was held.  Scott provided background information and referred to documents shared earlier.  A discussion of the letters that are routinely sent to those who have dropped membership or who have newly joined EBSS focused on making sure that the letters are concise.  Since these messages are sent via email it is important to make sure that the email subject line is clear and catchy, and always indicates that EBSS is part of the subject.  Since there was agreement that the letters may need further revisions, they will be reviewed at the annual conference meeting and added to the agenda for that meeting.  A survey link that is provided in the letters to those who have dropped membership was also briefly reviewed.  There was discussion of expanding the survey to ask questions of new, continuing or reinstated members as well.  The general preference is to send surveys directly to renewing members not to the EBSS list if this group is surveyed.  Scott asked for a volunteer to draft a survey for renewing members.  Andy volunteered to do so.  Scott will draft a survey of new members.
  • A brief discussion of the ACRL Membership Advisory Committee (MAC) addressed MAC’s focus on recruitment and retention of members and how that overlapped with EBSS efforts in that area.  A focused role for EBSS in recruitment and retention is to reach out to other ACRL sections; to maintain EBSS activities such as the social event; and to continue surveying members specifically regarding their renewal and drop decisions.  Committee members expressed renewed interest in the previously discussed “buddy system” proposal for new members attending a conference.  This idea will be pursued for the annual conference.  Scott will initiate the process by sending out a survey to EBSS list members willing to participate as conference buddies.
  • A brief discussion was held regarding the effectiveness of holding a virtual meeting.  General consensus was that the meeting was effective; that the teleconference aspect was much better than a strictly chat meeting; that it was helpful to have recorded the session; and, that the organization and structure provided through an agenda was key to the success of the virtual meeting.
  • The minutes will be distributed to the committee for review and once approved will be posted to ALA Connect.


Action items from meeting:

  • Finalize arrangements for Midwinter EBSS Social (Scott & Deborah)
  • Initiate buddy system for new conference attendees (Scott)
  • Draft survey for renewing members (Andy)
  • Draft survey for new members (Scott)
  • Review letters to members for revision at Annual ALA Meeting (all)

The meeting adjourned at 1:10pm (eastern time).

Respectfully submitted,

Nancy O’Brien