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First Draft of the ALA 2015 Strategic Plan

To Chapters:

Attached is the first draft of the ALA 2015 Strategic Plan.  Thanks to all who participated in its creation, including all those Chapters that offered space for ALA Planning Forums. And to ALA/Chapter members who contributed ideas.

Below is a letter from ALA Executive Director Keith Michael Fiels.

Also attached is a worksheet that Chapter Boards can use to provide feedback by February 15th on the draft.  The draft will be discussed during the Chapter Relations Committee meetings at Midwinter.


December 11, 2009

Dear Colleague:

Attached for your review is the draft of the ALA 2015 Strategic Plan.

This draft plan is the direct result of two planning sessions held this Fall. The first, in September, brought together the ALA Executive Board and a representative group of  division and round table leaders to craft a draft vision, goals and objectives for the next five years. In October, a much larger group including Executive Board members and the division and round table leadership met to further develop the goals and objectives. The plan is also based in large part on the results of an environmental scan, forty forums held with Chapters and affiliate groups, and a survey completed by 9,000 members last Spring.

Our plans call for the draft plan to be distributed to ALA Council members, to ALA, division and round table committees and boards, and to Chapters and affiliate groups. We are asking all of these important member groups to take time between now and mid February to review and discuss the plan, and to provide us with feedback on the vision, goals and objectives. We do hope that you will take this opportunity to discuss the draft plan at Midwinter, via  conference call or via ALA Connect.

Your comments, along with those of other ALA groups, will be analyzed and incorporated into a revised draft. This next iteration of the plan will then be distributed to the membership in the Spring, and members will be invited to comment (nearly 2,500 ALA groups and individual members submitted comments that were incorporated into the final Ahead to 2010 plan). Following this member review and additional revisions based on member comments, the plan will then go to the Board in April, and then to Council for ultimate review and adoption in June 2010.

We are interested in your thoughts regarding the draft plan, and would like to invite you to send the attached work form, along with your comments, to pmeyer@tecker.com, by February 15th, 2010.

Please let me know if you need any further information, and thank you for helping to shape the future of the Association.

Keith Michael Fiels
Executive Director
American Library Association
50 East Huron Street
Chicago, Illinois 60611
(312) 280-1392