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Leg. Agenda Items

Jonathan, Marilyn, and ACRL Government Relations Committee Members,

Attached are Microsoft Word copies of the two Legislative Agenda

items Don Frank and I agreed to update. While not too much has actually

changed since the last update, we did change around some of the text and

added a link to the Fair Use and Anti-Circumvention document pointing to

the Digital Millennium Copyright Act for additional information.

The attached documents are: 1) Government Information and 2) Fair

Use and Anti-Circumvention.

Please NOTE: I will be away from e-mail December 11 - January 3,

hence this early submission of our Legislative Agenda items. It may

take me a while to get back in touch after I get to work again on

January 4 because my office plus computer will all be in storage and in

disarray due to a recarpeting/renovation project afflicting my library.

This means that when I get back on Jan. 4, I will have a very makeshift

office of two cardboard boxes on a table and a strange computer that

will allow me only to get to the very inferior Web-based version of the

e-mail program that's loaded into my actual office computer. Since I

expect to have to sift through and delete, literally, hundreds of

accumulated e-mail messages (no computer at home), it may take me a

while to respond to any comments, etc. Because of this situation, I am

happy to give my blessings to any changes or additions made to the

attached documents by Don Frank (

authorized by this committee.

Unfortunately, due to a devastated travel budget, I will be unable

to attend the Midwinter Conference in Boston in January, so I am

grateful to be able to at least make a few modest contributions as a

"virtual" member (thanks, Kara).

Meanwhile, let me wish everyone a Happy Holiday season!


Tim Dodge


Tim Dodge

Reference Dept.

Ralph Brown Draughon Library

231 Mell St.

Auburn University, AL 36849-5606

Tel. (334) 844-1729

Fax: (334) 844-4461


ankd@pdx.edu ) or anyone elsedodgeti@auburn.edu