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2010 Midwinter Agenda

Managing Children’s Services Committee

ALA Midwinter

Sunday, January 17

8:30 am – 10:30

Westin Copley Place, America Center/South

Boston, MA




  1. Committee Charge:

•Identify issues relating to the management of children's services

•Determine if these issues are being addressed by other Divisions or Committees and cooperate as appropriate

•Initiate action to address these issues



  1. Committee’s Role in Strategic Plan

a. Core Organizational Values

•Member Services: Annual program and follow up article in Children and Libraries 

•Collaboration: Working with colleagues and community agencies to make Children’s Services the best it can be

•Leadership: Providing strong and effective leadership best-practices through programs and articles

b. Envisioned Future

•Through the association, members have grown in their knowledge and leadership skills in order to reach their full potential

•ALSC is the association that all youth service staff seek for guidance and programs

•ALSC is considered an innovator for future library service

•ALSC is known for its innovative education opportunities 

C. Goals

•Advocacy: Increase awareness of the value of excellent library service for all children

•Education: Enhance continuing education opportunities for children’s librarians, youth service staff and other internal and external stakeholders

•Collaboration: Increase opportunities to work in coalition with other related groups and increase public awareness of the value of library service to children


      Supporting document: ALSC Strategic Plan



  1. Report from ALSC Leadership Meeting




  1. 2011 Annual Program and Timeline

a. Program: “The Power of Story: Everyone Loves Miss Mary”

1. Importance of storytelling (Kendall Haven, author of Story Proof: The Science Behind the Startling Power of Story)

2. Using storytelling to advocate for children’s services (Mary Morgan Smith, Storytelling Discussion Group co-convener—confirmed)

3. Evaluating storytimes (Todd Grazier, Columbus Metropolitan Library—confirmed)

            b. Deadlines

            c. Tasks



  1. 2012 Annual Program Ideas (Anaheim, CA: June 21-27)



  1. Management Development Strategies

• Webinar

• ALSC Blog

• ALSC Wiki

• Resources for ALSC website “Issues and Advocacy”

• Mentoring

• Engaging new professionals

Children and Libraries articles

• Other ideas



  1. ALA Connect

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