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2010 Midwinter EBSS Curriculum Materials Committee Minutes

2010 ALA Midwinter

EBSS CMC Virtual Meeting


Committee name: EBSS Curriculum Materials Centers


Name of person(s) submitting minutes:  Sara Seely (note taker) and Cindy Judd (chair)


Chair: Cindy Judd (present)


Date: Nov. 4, 2009


Time: 11am MST


Place:  Virtual meeting via Skype


Called to order by Cindy Judd


Members present: 


Cindy Judd—Eastern Kentucky Univ.

Lorna Lueck--UC Santa Barbara

Christina Cicchetti --UC Riverside

Karla Schmit--Pennsylvania. State Univ.

Dorothy Schleicher—Baylor Univ.

Sara Seely--Boise State Univ.

Yvonne Roux—William Patterson Univ.


Members excused:  Julie Durden—Illinois State University


Members not present: Rita Kohrman--Grand Valley State University



I.    Call to order


II.  Announcements


III.  Approval of minutes from Annual meeting held Sat., July 11, 2009, in Chicago, IL.          

       (Cindy will provide copies)


IV.   Current Projects—“Webliography” (con’t)



  1. Contributors http://www.ala.org/ala/mgrps/divs/acrl/about/sections/ebss/cimc/contributorsa/contrib.cfm
  2. Inclusion Criteria



  1. Where do we go from here? 
  1.  Keep these areas:
    1. Children’s and YA Lit—Book Awards (under this is Lorna’s area)
    2. Associations
    3. Lesson Plans and Teaching Activities
  2. Add these
    1. Review Journals
    2. Publishers
  1. Focus more narrowly on CMC related websites:  lesson plans and resources for CMCs
  2. Add/transfer to ALA Connect—create our own wiki/webliography
    1. Ownership responsibility of maintenance transfers to the committee rather than to the previous individuals who are too difficult to track down
    2. Each member of the committee takes an area to update/maintain
    3. Keep current committee names on wiki

V.  Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act discussion

VI. Other projects/ideas

  1.  New Chairperson—TBD by ALA Annual  (I am hopeful I can serve on the committee for another year, but I don’t think I can serve as chair…)
  2. Who will be at Midwinter?  No official meeting of the CMC committee


VII. Adjournment


Summary of discussion:


1. Minutes from July 11, 2009, in Chicago, IL are approved.


2. Announcements

  • There will not be a formal EBSS consolidated meeting at ALA midwinter.  Cindy will be attending, so if you'd like to meet informally, please email her ahead of time.


3. Current project – “Webliography” (con’t from ALA Annual)



Current issues:

  • difficult to determine whether it is up to date
  • the webliography needs an overseer or manager
  • audience is unclear
  • webmaster is a middleman for edits
  • lack of visibility
  • some areas of the webliography could be edited to pair down the list

ALA Connect

  • web presence for committee work
  • potential host for webliography
  • primary audience for webliography is CMC staff and personnel
  • ALA Connect works as like a wiki; individuals can edit and publish content, and upload files
  • unclear whether content is published to the open web, or to only those who have an account
  • "about ALA Connect" implies there is "public content" so it seems we could use ALA Connect to publish the webliography


  • open, public access is preferable
  • if ALA connect allows us to directly edit content, then it would be a useful tool
  • move management of webliography to the committee; past members would no longer be responsible for content
  • list of committee procedures and guidelines for updating and maintaining the webliography could be created
    • each committee member is assigned an area so it's maintained
    • consistency template for aesthetics and organization


Add to the webliography:

  • Review sources (Christina Cicchetti) - recommendations for review sources and the process of reviewing a wide variety of materials
  • Publishers - recommendations for collecting media, textbooks and kits
  • Recommended Children's & YA Resources (Lorna)
    • Book awards 
    • Media awards
    • Outstanding book lists
    • Outstanding media lists

Keep in the webliography:

  • Children's & YA Literature  - section will now focus on using literature and websites to access
  • Associations (Yvonne Roux)
  • ESL/Bilingual (needs editor)
  • Multicultural resources (needs editor)
  • National Standards (Yvonne Roux)
  • Early Childhood (Karla Schmit)
  • Lesson Plans and Teaching Activities (Sara) – this is a huge section; send ideas for websites to Sara


Action items

  • determine if pages can be public (Cindy)
  • archive procedures for existing (old) webliography (Cindy)
  • determine how to create and edit a polished page for publishing webliography (Cindy), for example: http://connect.ala.org/node/87354
  • transfer content we want to maintain to ALA Connect (Who?)
  • To be determined - scope notes for inclusion (will be an email discussion and possibly future Skype discussion)
  • all - send ideas for websites for lesson plans and teaching activities


4. Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act discussion


  • Book materials are exempt, but other materials such as manipulatives might not be excluded.
  • While CMCs typically don't loan directly to children, our materials are used with children.
  • Cindy will ask EBSS advisory for direction.
  • Christina will check with accrediting organizations. All, please share findings with the group.


5. Other projects:  committee appointments


  • A new chairperson is needed by ALA Annual 2010
  • If you are up for appointment in 2010, please send Cindy your decision by Friday, Nov. 6th.


6.  Meeting adjourned