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ALA Committee on Education 2009 Annual Conference Meeting Minutes

ALA Committee on Education Meeting


Saturday, July 11, 2009 at 1:30 pm – 3:00 pm

Hyatt McCormick Place, Conference Center 11A



Meeting called to order by Kenley Neufeld, Chair, at 1:37 pm.


After the roll call, welcome and introductions, the agenda was adopted with the addition of a report from ALA staff under “Reports.” Alison made a motion to accept the minutes from the COE meeting in Denver at ALA MidWinter. Mary seconded the motion. All were in favor.


The committee charge was distributed for review.



  • ALA Executive Board – Loriene Roy reported that attendance at the conference was up from last year, at least in preregistration (13,402 as compared to 11,509 for 2008). However, there has been a little dip in overall ALA membership.
    • Advocacy – ALA is working to support states, especially Ohio and Connecticut. Also working with the chapters on a coalition building website and new advocacy tool kits.
    • Libraries and the Stimulus Bill – Broadband deployment. The application was made available on July 7th and the deadline is in August.
    • ALA Budget –ALA Headquarter employees will have a weeklong furlough and 10 positions have been eliminated because of anticipated budget shortfall.
    • Strategic Plan – Planning for 2015 plan is underway.
    • ALA Connect has been launched and electronic member participation will continue to be encouraged.
    • Spectrum Presidential Initiative to raise $1 million for additional scholarships.
    • Support Staff Certification is going to the Executive Board this session.
    • Presidential Taskforce in Library Education – Core competencies approved by Executive Board at MidWinter ’09. The recommendations were referred to Committee on Accreditation (COA). Comment period through October then will move forward in January.
    • CLENE RT – Cal reported on efforts to energize the round table:
      • Looking at a name change because current name doesn’t reflect what they do. LEARNING RT is proposed name.
      • Tracking proposal to award CEUs: How to offer training on how to make professional development and training CEU-worthy. CLENE would help translate this for all units, committees, etc.
      • Lorelle Swader added that it is in the data and information gathering stage. Seed money for 2010 to start the CEU process is in place. The issues are with consistency and outcomes. CEU cannot be offered for programs during conferences but could be offered for preconferences, independent programs and workshops, etc. Then there must be an overarching process to oversee quality standard. Lorelle is looking to COE to help define this and it will expand over time. Lorelle will send the information out via email.
      • Check the IACET for further details.
      • ALA report – Lorelle
        • ALA Connect: ALA is in transition technologically. Minutes, documents, etc will be migrated into ALA Connect. Also a professional networking tool!
        • The ALA Handbook will only be available online now.
        • IFLA – No report because no representative.
        • ALISE – Lorna is substituting as the representative at this meeting
          • ALISE wrote a response to the taskforce report.
          • ALISE will help with the Forum on Education as long as it will be productive.
          • What can ALISE do to help with the CEU process? Lorelle further explained that it is still in its infancy but that she will keep ALISE informed. Cal said that maybe CLENE and ALISE could partner to provide training and help (remotely) other units to implement the process.
          • Forum on Education – Alison
            • Focusing on Learning Outcomes
            • Collaborating Communities: Creating Excellence in LIS Education – closing the chasm between expectation and actual outcomes
            • Forum will be on Friday.
            • The possibility of video streaming the session was discussed.
            • Lorelle reminded to move information to ALA Connect to get more participation. The timeline is needed for the publicity and speakers are needed by the end of August.
            • LSS Taskforce – Peggy
              • Competency based national program and the taskforce has made progress.
                • 2 ways to meet competencies: through a portfolio evaluation and a course of competencies.
                • 4 Field sites are enrolling the first students currently.
                • Survey sent out and lots of data was received back.
                • Tech services will be split into 2 categories:
                  • Collection Development
                  • Cataloging
  • Second IMLS grant application
  • Possibility of national test but not sure that testing is the way to go
  • Looking at marketing with zero budget


New Business

  • Discussion from JESSE – www.oa.ala.org/accreditation. Comments from Bernie Sloan. Lorna had responded and Lorelle said that Bernie had not commented further.
  • Lorna asked if there was a history of COE and Kenley replied that there was a small archive and the annual reports.
  • Lynn Conoway will be the new chair of COE but she has not been on COE before.
  • Kenley recommended that the Chair be a 2-year position. Lorelle said that COO had refused it in the past.


The meeting was adjourned at 3:15 pm.