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Jennifer Darragh (non-member)'s picture

Program Proposal for ALA 2011 New Orleans?

Hello All,

Today you likely saw a message come out from Adam Burling about program planning for the 2011 ALA Annual Conference in New Orleans.  While we can certainly have meetings (and will at midwinter and annual), would anyone be willing to work with me on developing a program proposal regarding data librarianship for 2011?  I believe this could be in the form of a workshop or panel discussion.  Perhaps presentations as well?  Let me know if you're interested.


Karen Hogenboom's picture

I think this is a great idea and I'm glad to help.  Just FYI, GODORT did a data services focused session at Annual 2009: http://wikis.ala.org/godort/index.php/GODORT_Update_Annual_2009.  We don't need to emulate, of course.

Amy West's picture

Hey Jen,

I'm interested in working on a progam on it.  Might be worth figuring out what aspects of existing library jobs require data expertise and what kind of expertise that might be.  For example, that session Karen's referring to addressed a range of skill/experience levels since expectations of data skills for docs librarians really varies...

Jennifer Darragh (non-member)'s picture

If you're a member of IASSIST, you saw that there was an article passed around the other day by Kate McNeill.  It's entitled "Skilling Up to Do Data: Whose Role, Whose Responsibility, Whose Career?" and is available in the open access journal International Journal of Digital Curation (http://www.ijdc.net).

The focus here is more UK Centric, but it resonates here too.  This may give us some ideas.

Lynda Kellam's picture

I'm up for any brainstorming sessions you want to have. When is the deadline? Would we be able to work on it at ALA midwinter? Or does it need to be earlier.

Jennifer Darragh (non-member)'s picture

Hi Lynda (and all who are also interested in working on this),

We actually have until May 3, 2010 for our program proposal form to go in.  I have put in request with Megan Griffin to attend the virtual meeting on December 8th.  If any of you are also interested in this meeting, you can RSVP to attend.  Here is more info:

There will be a virtual meeting on December 8, 2009, at 11:00 a.m. CST for ACRL units and members interested in submitting a proposal for a 2011 ALA Annual Conference Program.  The purpose of this meeting is to provide potential conference program planners with an understanding of the Annual Conference program planning process, including budgets, timelines, and planning tips.  Please note that the Annual Conference program planning process spans twenty months, until Annual 2011.

2011 ALA Annual Conference Program Proposal forms will be due May 3, 2010.  The ACRL Professional Development Coordinating Committee will review and select 2011 Annual Conference programs, and notifications will be issued before the 2010 ALA Annual Conference.

More details about the Annual Conference program process are online at http://www.acrl.org/ala/mgrps/divs/acrl/events/annualprogramsfaq.cfm

Interested in participating in the virtual meeting on December 8?  Please email Megan Griffin at mgriffin@ala.org

Now remember, this is Annual 2011, not 2010 so we have over a year to plan.

Jennifer Darragh (non-member)'s picture

Hi All,

I did attend the virtual meeting today on program planning (Dec. 8).  The interest group apparently has 150$ in basic services funds and there is a 20k budget for programs.  I can direct interested folks to the powerpoint they showed us, and I do have some documentation I can share.  Based on the information provided, a program may be a bit overboard (it's an 18 month planning process) - but possibly not.  It depends on the amount of people we have to work on this, the depth of the idea, and the type of interest it could generate. 

Around the same time the proposal is due for ALA 2011, we could also consider submitting a proposal for a panel discussion or workshop type thing at ACRL 2011.  This may be more appropriate - especially if we want something a little more flexible.

So I suppose we'll see.  I look forward to talking to folks at midwinter.

Oh, and I suppose we should add that we're in the interest group too.  I know I haven't yet.  I'm not even sure it's up as an option to join yet.