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Procedures manual

In advance of our first conference call, I'm setting up some potential discussion topic threads.  Take advantage of them or create new ones as needed.

Use this thread for general discussion of language to be moved from the bylaws to the procedure manual.


October 13, 2009

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Over the past few months I have collected some statements from e-mails sent round the RT Steering Committee list.  Some points for consideration:


Socials, payment:  We can prepay.  We can't advance money to members--reimbursement is required.

Clarifying who does what in terms for publicizing programs and activities should go in the procedures manual, probably with cross-referencing (duties of External Relations versus Members Services).

Does the committee think that committee terms make sense in the bylaws?  Or should they, if addressed, by in something procedural outside the bylaws?

Speaker honoraria.  There is no usual honorarium amount.  If speakers need to be paid, the Program Chair would generally make a proposal to Steering Committee for a vote.  Note that ALA has policy on members not receiving honoraria.