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Jennifer Darragh (non-member)'s picture

Welcome to DIG

Welcome to the Numeric and Geospatial Data Services in Academic Libraries Interest Group's home on ALA Connect.  For short, I thought we could call this DIG (for Data Interest Group).  Our purpose is:

To bring together ACRL members who are actively engaged in the planning for, oversight of, and/or provision of data services within academic libraries. Providing patron support in the acquisition, storage and use of numeric and geospatial data is fast becoming an expected add-on to public and technical services in academic and research libraries. The responsibility of this group to provide a forum by which librarians and academic library staff engaged in these services can provide/receive insight into, examples of, and training on how data services are developed and delivered. This group may also serve as a bridge between other professional associations dedicated to the provision of data services in research environments (e.g. IASSIST and APDU).

This will be our official communication space.   As we are brand new, we are not yet listed on the ACRL Interest Groups to choose from when requesting membership in ACRL.  I anticipate this will happen soon.  In the interim, I invite you to "Watch This Space" by subscribing (see right-hand menu).


Jennifer Darragh

Katherine Weimer's picture

It seems that there is some overlap with the GIS group in MAGERT (Map and Geography Round Table).  We have an active GIS discussion group (for many years now) which includes statistical and metadata topics as well.  Most of our members are from academic libraries.  Our conference program this summer in DC is "GIS in EVERY Library: Making it Happen" which will focus on how to set up a GIS service in different types of libraries -  

We would love to have you all attend our GIS meetings in Boston on Monday morning:

8:00-10:00am GIS Discussion Group & Federal Spatial Information DG WEST-Douglas
10:00am-12:00pm Geographic Technologies (GeoTech) Committee WEST-Douglas


Kathy Weimer,


MAGIRT Past Chair, 2009-10

Jennifer Darragh (non-member)'s picture

Thanks for the invite!  One of the reasons why this interest group was created was to build bridges between different sections of ALA, ACRL and other data-related organizations.  I know there are folks in GODORT who have also discussed numeric data support.  I look forward to hearing what your discussion group has to say and hear more about your upcoming program (which sounds fantastic!).


Jen Darragh
Initial Convener, Numeric and Geospatial Data Services in Academic Libraries Interest Group (or Data Interest Group for short)

Grace Gu's picture

Will there be an DIG meeting next week at ACRL? I am new to the Group and would love to meet all other colleagues.


Grace Gu

Hailey Mooney's picture

No, DIG will not be meeting at ACRL.  Neither one of the group conveners will be attending ACRL this year.  We do have a meeting planned for ALA.  Some related upcoming events: I have heard that there will be an ACRL Roundtable (#32) on Data Curation.  A lot of us in DIG are also in IASSIST (www.iassistdata.org), which has an upcoming conference May 31-June 3 in Vancouver.  I think a handful of DIG members are also active in ANSS and GODORT, so you could look into attending some of their events at ACRL as a possible alternative.