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Valerie Glenn's picture

upcoming changes to DttP - feedback requested

Trying this again, since there wasn't any discussion on the google group:

We've been thinking about changes to columns in the next volume of DttP, and here's what we've decided to do:All issues:
Editor's Corner
From the Chair
Membership spotlight
U.S. Federal documents related

Two issues each year:
State and Local
By the NumbersWe're still thinking about moving TechWatch (and perhaps the Washington Report) to an online-only format. The next step is to find new columnists/column editors - several long-time columnists have decided to move on with the previous editorial team.  We were thinking about sending out a call for columnists - and asking people to submit a sample column as their 'audition.'   Does that sound like a decent plan?  Do y'all have ideas for certain people to contact re: submitting a column? Thanks,Valerie/Beth

John Stevenson's picture

The schedule for quarterly and semi-annual columns looks good. What is the content for "Membership spotlight" intended to be? The description suggest that might this be intended to spotlight GODORT award winners, new members, or opportunities for members.

Changing columns about fast-changing topics from quarterly print to online-only may be helpful to ensure timeliness. Of course, it might be argued that such content should be the focus of the GODORT section of ALA Connect.  Is there a way to use news columns to draw people to other DttP content?

As no one leaps to mind as a potential columnist for sustained publishing in future folumes, inviting members to suggest themed columns may bring forth some good suggestions and volunteers.


John A. Stevenson
Associate Librarian, Student Multimedia Design Center
University of Delaware Library
302 831-8671

Valerie Glenn's picture

One of the things that we would like to do is put more of a focus on the members of GODORT.  The idea is that each issue would highlight a member - could be a new member, could be a long-time member, etc.  We haven't really discussed how the members will be chosen for the spotlight (reader suggestions?) - but we have discussed approaching the Membership Committee Chair to be the column author. 

We feel that the online columns should stick to a publication schedule - that makes it much more manageable for the columnists. Both the Washington Report and TechWatch will be published quarterly.



David Griffiths's picture

I hope you pursue this approach vigorously. The more diverse the people are in terms of their kind of work, career stage, cultural heritage, personal philosophy, and so on, the better. Maybe you could use a mix of third-person pieces and interviews (I'm often drawn to interviews, including those with groups of two or three folks).

Starr Hoffman's picture

...I think it would be a feature that would be enjoyed by long-time members of GODORT, and could be quite useful for new members that don't know many people yet.  It might also help members feel more connected, particularly in this time when fewer of us can afford to travel to conferences multiple times a year.


Starr Hoffman, PhD, MLS, MA


Chellammal Vaidyanathan's picture

This is a great idea! It would help to connect members with similar professional interests. It is also an opportunity to learn more about our members and the work that they do in their libraries.



Chellammal Vaidyanathan's picture

This sounds like a good plan. We could try sending out a call for columnists and, if that doesn't draw too many responses, then perhaps we could contact certain people for writing the columns.

I have a suggestion. I think it would be nice to have the "marketing/education/outreach" column for all the issues. As this is something that Govt. Docs. Librarians do on a regular basis, we might be lucky enough to get volunteers to write this column regularly. It would also be useful for our members to learn about what's being done in other libraries.    

David Griffiths's picture

I think the marketing of our services and resources is among the greatest challenges we face. We're all looking for ideas but often lack the time needed to come up with something new ourselves, so devoting space to marketing in every issue makes sense.

Chellammal Vaidyanathan's picture

I agree with you, David. It would certainly be very useful.