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Forum Presenters' Materials for Download

Materials from the 2009 LITA National Forum Presenters can be downloaded from here.

Presenters: File naming convention - first two words of the title from your proposal.  Add your files as an attachment to this document.

Note: There is a 20MB size limit on file uploads, and you may only upload files with permitted file extensions.  These include common Office (and OpenOffice) file formats, common graphics formats, and PDF.  They do not include ZIP files.  You may need to break up your session materials into several parts.  Our apologies for this as we try this new methodology.

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Bite-Sized Repositories (Download)

Designing Library Services for the Cloud Computing World

JustKeepClicking_pt1.ppt19.3 MB
JustKeepClicking_pt2.ppt10.83 MB
VuFind@Illinois-1.ppt935.5 KB
VuFind@Illinois-2.ppt66 KB
VuFind@Illinois-3.ppt634 KB
VuFind@Illinois-4.ppt1.54 MB
TemporaryThawPoster.pdf68.25 KB
UnlockingYourILSData-Doran-handout.pdf5.25 MB
From_USKIS.ppt731.5 KB
Ubiquitous_Library_E-learning_Handoutspdf.pdf173.2 KB
The_Role_of_Custom_Transaction_Logs.ppt3.17 MB
Collaborating In The Cloud1.68 MB
eXtensible Catalog.ppt483 KB
Marriott_Mobile.png755.57 KB
Cultivating_Digital_Coll.pdf2.8 MB
RealLife_APIs.pdf1.44 MB
Ifyoubuilditwilltheycome.pdf933.43 KB
Libraries.To_.Go_.LITA_FINAL.pdf18.61 MB
real_life_experiences_library_apis-coombs.pdf4.54 MB
From_alone.pdf996.42 KB
OpenAndSafeLinux.pdf311.26 KB
ReleasingOpenSourceLOC.ppt4.36 MB
mobilemorethanscreensize_cunningham.ppt1.89 MB
familyhistorysearch.pdf29.43 KB
DataDrivenByDesign.pdf1.65 MB
Newspaper_Discovery.pdf7.13 MB
flickr.pdf5.14 MB
PuttingSchoolLibrarian.ppt18.64 MB
Future_of_Libraries_is_IT.rtf343 bytes
SilverStripe_CMS_Selection_Implementation.pdf2.29 MB
Why Reference Librarians Hate Federated Searching and NextGen Catalogs.doc44.5 KB
whyreference.ppt1.98 MB
FamilySearch2.pdf6.42 MB
Unlocking-Your-ILS-Data-Doran.ppt6.58 MB
libraries_mobile_policy_considerations.pdf3.2 MB
beyondresearchocw.ppt4.81 MB
FamilySearch1.pdf64.28 KB
FamilySearch_Mritchey.pptx5.66 MB
FamilySearch_Mritchey.pdf8.65 MB
C2-Collaborating on Collaboration.pdf1.8 MB
LibX2.0.ppt4.07 MB
ReleasingOpenSourceLOC.ppt5.34 MB
lita.09.lippincott.ppt12.23 MB
Achieving Interoperability.ppt8.54 MB
Technology on a budget.ppt2.71 MB
Green_IT_NCSU.ppt13.31 MB