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Welcome to the Young Librarians Working Group Think Tank. All creative, enthusiastic, forward-thinking young librarians are invited to participate in the Working Group's efforts by providing feedback and comments on our projects, and making sure we're staying on track to a better ALA. Membership in the Think Tank is open to everyone.

We know you're all busy people, so we aren't asking for a big time commitment. Just tune in to our activities when you can and let us know what you think. Join our ALA Connect space (you're looking at it) and watch our blog for news and updates. Come and go as you like. Be as involved as you can, or just stop by occasionally.

Please click "Edit" and add your name and contact info if you plan to participate. Thanks, and welcome!


  1. Dennis Nangle, dnangle@umuc.edu
  2. Allie Flanary, allinee.flanary@pcc.edu
  3. Max Macias max.macias@gmail.com
  4. Ellen Corrigan, ekcorrigan@eiu.edu
  5. Bojana Skarich, skarich1@illinois.edu
  6. Jenny Emanuel, emanuelj@illinois.edu
  7. Hyun-Duck Chung, hyun_duck_chung@ncsu.edu
  8. Mari Kermit-Canfield, kermitt@ferris.edu
  9. Jason Griffey, griffey@gmail.com
  10. Katie Lockwood, klockwood@wschiro.edu
  11. Maura Seale, mms227@georgetown.edu
  12. Morgan Sohl, msohl@lincolncity.org
  13. Sarah Houghton-Jan, librarianinblack@gmail.com
  14. Peter Bromberg, pbromberg@princetonlibrary.org
  15. Candice A. Wing-Yee Mack, cmack@lapl.org
  16. Eboni M. Stokes, eboni.stokes@dc.gov
  17. Ellie Collier, ecollier@austincc.edu
  18. Bohyun Kim, bohyun.kim@fiu.edu
  19. Chaunacey Dunklee, cdunklee@gmail.com
  20. Ahniwa Ferrari, aferrari@secstate.wa.gov
  21. Lisa Gardinier, gardinierl@cochise.edu
  22. Lana Thelen, lthelen@ocom.edu
  23. Audra Eagle, audra.eagle@gmail.com
  24. Adrian Erb, aerb@austincc.edu
  25. Emily Symonds, emily.symonds@louisville.edu
  26. Derik Badman, dbadman@temple.edu
  27. Carrie Donovan, cdonovan@indiana.edu
  28. Rachel Slough, rslough@gmail.com
  29. Dominique Turnbow, dturnbow@ucsd.edu
  30. Ben Peck, bpeck2@conncoll.edu
  31. Brian McManus, bmcmanus@wsu.edu
  32. Stacey Costabile, stcostabile@gmail.com
  33. Aaron Dobbs aaron@thelibrarian.org
  34. John Watts, jowatts@umail.iu.edu
  35. lynda kellam, lmkellam@uncg.edu
  36. Floyd G. Council Sr, fcouncil@slpl.org
  37. Jeff Scott, jdscott@co.tulare.ca.us
  38. Paul Waak, pwaak@ntrls.org
  39. Michael Creedon, creedomi@bc.edu
  40. Jason Fields, jfields@hcplibrary.org
  41. Ashley Carr, acarr@austincc.edu
  42. Kelvin Watson, kelvin.watson@ars.usda.gov
  43. Aisha Harvey, aisha.harvey@duke.edu
  44. Eamon Tewell, etewell@moore.edu
  45. Joanna Gadsby, gadsby@umbc.edu
  46. Kristen Mastel, meye0539@umn.edu
  47. Carrie Gits, gits@nova.edu
  48. Tiffani Conner, tiffani.conner@lmunet.edu
  49. Melissa Bowles-Terry, mbowlest@uwyo.edu
  50. Kimberly Patton, kimpatton@kclibrary.org
  51. Michelle Chronister, michelle.chronister@gmail.com
  52. Keshia Garnett, kyshiag@gmail.com
  53. Kiyomi Deards kdd37@drexel.edu
  54. Baasil Wilder baasilt@hotmail.com
  55. Portia Latalladi chi.townreader@gmail.com
  56. Alexandra Rivera alexriv@umich.edu
  57. Jennifer Palmisano, jennifer.palmisano@gmail.com
  58. Erica Findley, erica.findley@pacificu.edu
  59. Annelise Sklar, asklar@ucsd.edu
  60. Karen E. Downing, kdown@umich.edu
  61. Lisa Carlucci Thomas, lisa.c.thomas@gmail.com
  62. Fiona Bradley, fiona.bradley@ifla.org
  63. Stacy Konkiel, stacy.konkiel@gmail.com | skonkiel@plos.org
  64. Mark Gottschalk, markgottschalk@gmail.com | markg@neill-lib.org
  65. Stacey Devine, stacey-devine@northwestern.edu
  66. Megan Hodge, mlhodge@gmail.com
  67. Jaime Hammond, jhammond@nvcc.commnet.edu
  68. Jennifer Peterson, petejenn@my.dom.edu
  69. Ray Lusk, ray.lusk@madisonlib.org
  70. Natalie Clewell, natalie.clewell@westgatech.edu
  71. Jessica Horvath, jessica.horvath@gmail.com
  72. Amy Harmon, amyaharmon@gmail.com
  73. Alexandra Janvey, alexandra.janvey@gmail.com
  74. Gretchen Caserotti, gcaserotti@darienlibrary.org
  75. Dan McPhillips, dan.mcphillips@gmail.com
  76. JaTara Barnes, jatara@jatarabarnes.com
  77. Anne Slaughter, aslaughter@oppl.org
  78. Nick Wilczek, nwilczek@lexpublib.org
  79. Catherine Scullion, cscullion@apl.org
  80. Kate Kosturski, librariankate7578@gmail.com
  81. Margaret Heller, mheller@dom.edu | margaret.heller@gmail.com
  82. Marisa Walstrum, marisa.walstrum@nl.edu | marisa.walstrum@gmail.com
  83. Julie Evener, jevener@usa.edu
  84. Brian Leaf, bdleaf@gmail.com
  85. Alissa Hafele, alissa.hafele@gmail.com
  86. Aimee Babcock-Ellis, aimeebe@gmail.com
  87. Nicole Pagowsky, nicolepagowsky@gmail.com
  88. Jenna Hecker, jennahecker@gmail.com
  89. Kristin Stout, kristin.stout@armstrong.edu
  90. Roberto C. Delgadillo, rdelgadillo@lib.ucdavis.edu
  91. Micah Vandegrift, micahvandegrift@gmail.com
  92. Teri Shiel, terishiel@gmail.com
  93. Ashley Parker, ashley.parker@arkansas.gov
  94. Eric Elliott, ehelliot29@gmail.com
  95. Chris Kyauk, chriskyauk@gmail.com
  96. Peter Coyl, peter.coyl@hdis.hc.edu.tw
  97. Michelle Baildon, baildon@mit.edu
  98. Alpha DeLap, adelap@uw.edu
  99. Frank Skornia, fskornia@gmail.com
  100. Rebecca Blakiston, blakistonr@u.library.arizona.edu
  101. Lauren Pressley, lauren@laurenpressley.com
  102. Jodie Borgerding, jborgerding80@webster.edu
  103. Julie Piacentine, juliepia@gmail.com
  104. Allison Coltin, allison.coltin@yahoo.com
  105. Mary Fran Daley LibrarianFran@gmail.com 
  106. Jo Alcock, jo@joeyanne.co.uk | twitter: @joeyanne
  107. Kelly Quaye, kcquaye@gmail.com
  108. Loida Garcia-Febo loidagarciafebo@gmail.com
  109. Miriam Rigby rigby@uoregon.edu
  110. Anna Pederson, apederson@stdl.org
  111. Melissa Cardenas-Dow, melissa_cardenasdow@redlands.edu
  112. Joseph Miscavige, joe.miscavige@gmail.com | twitter: @joeam & @imperviousrex 
  113. Sarah Singleton, ssingleton@gedsoulrecords.com
  114. Megan Sheils, sheilsmg@state.gov
  115. Jennifer Lau-Bond, jllaubond@gmail.com
  116. Carrie Kasperick, carrie.kasperick@gmail.com
  117. Stephanie Light Eames lighteames@gmail.com
  118. Amber Creger, monkeymoxie@gmail.com
  119. Teri Shiel, terishiel@gmail.com
  120. Michelle Donlin, mdonli1@lsu.edu
  121. Easter DiGangi, easter.digangi@uwalumni.com
  122. Susan Maldonado, smaldonado@oaklandlibrary.org
  123. Connie Harrison, connieharrison1@me.com
  124. Thomas Maluck, tmaluck@richlandlibrary.com
  125. Audrey Hamelers, hamelers@udel.edu
Max Macias (non-member)'s picture

 Thank you!

Emily Ford's picture

Glad to have you on board, Max!


Sarah Houghton's picture

I'd love to help out, as long as 32 still constitutes "young."

Xima Avalos's picture


Our most conservative definition of young is under 35 (our most liberal is 40), so definitely! Like I've told other people, though, we'd want to hear your input even if you were 90. YLWG operates under the idea that making ALA a more navagable and responsive organization for everyone, not just young librarians.

Derik Badman's picture

In light of that statement, putting "Young" in the name of the group might not be the clearest way to go.

Xima Avalos's picture

Hi Derik,

Sorry, it was my statement that wasn't clear, not the charge of the working group that wasn't. We are expressly focused on making ALA more responsive to the needs of young librarians, but we're not about to turn down feedback from anyone, and we think that any suggestions or changes we are able to make will most likely be beneficial to all ALA members.

Peter Bromberg's picture

As a soon-to-be-43-year-old I guess I don't fit the "young" bill even by the most liberal definition.  I guess I'll just follow along quietly.  :-)

Kim Leeder Reed's picture

I would also like to point out that -- no matter our age -- we all see the sorts of issues and challenges that affect young librarians as they enter the field and ALA. Anyone who ever has been young, or works with young librarians, has valuable insights that we welcome in the Think Tank!


Jenny Levine (staff)'s picture

Hi, Everyone --

Just a heads up that someone changed the audience for this post in the "edit" screen so that it appeared in the ACRL, ACRL IS, and LLAMA groups, while also removing it from the YLWG one.

While I understand the impetus for this, it's kind of like posting the middle message of a discussion to a totally different mailing list, because the folks in those groups didn't have any context for it, and suddenly they started getting emails for a project they knew nothing about. So I removed those extra audiences and put the post back here in the original group.

If anyone has a question about how to use this feature, please feel free to contact me at jlevine [at] ala.org.

We now return you to your regularly scheduled programming.



Camila Alire's picture

Jenny --

Thanks for doing that.  I am not sure who did the change or why, but it has been confusing to a lot of folks.  Even Jin Rettig got an invitation to join;  additionally, some complaints from folks not understanding the context of this group.   CAMILA


Kim Leeder Reed's picture

If you haven't already joined, you all might want to check out the ALA Think Tank group on Facebook -- a great place to discuss the same issues we're looking at here.


Amanda Hayford (non-member)'s picture


Doug Archer's picture

I'm waaaaaaay past 40 but still looking for new ideas and would be happy to lurk.  Please add me to the list.



Reference and Peace Studies Librarian

Hesburgh Libraries, University of Notre Dame

J. Douglas Archer Reference & Peace Studies Librarian 246 Hesburgh Library University of Notre Dame Notre Dame, IN 46556 574-631-6656 voice | 574-631-8887 fax archer.1@nd.edu | www.nd.edu/~jarcher

Kim Leeder Reed's picture

Hi all! Join the latest incarnation of the Young Librarians Working Group at the Young Turks Anti-Reception in Seattle on January 27!

RSVP at http://www.facebook.com/events/117172778456980/


Susan Maldonado (non-member)'s picture


Susan MaldonadoTeen Services Librarian81st Avenue Branch, Oakland Public Library1021 8