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Looking for a Mentor? Want to Be a Mentor? MentorConnect Is Here!

ALA has launched MentorConnect in ALA Connect so you can find or become a mentor.

MentorConnect is an informal mentoring network implemented within ALA Connect that allows all ALA members to participate and only requires that you actively choose to join the network in order to begin serving as a mentor or seeking a mentor.

Mentoring others is one of the most powerful ways you can give back to the profession, but it’s not a relationship to be entered into lightly. If you join MC, you’re making a commitment to help someone else. A strong mentoring relationship requires consistent contact between the mentor and mentee so think carefully about making this commitment before offering your services as a mentor.

Having effective mentors is important for your professional and personal growth. Asking someone to take the time to mentor you is a serious commitment . When someone agrees to mentor you, they’re making an investment in your future. Plan on spending time with your mentor via MentorConnect in order to get the most from this important relationship.

If you choose to join MentorConnect, you can:

  • Create a mentor and/or a mentee profile
  • Search for a mentor in a variety of subjects
  • Offer your services as a mentor
  • Track feedback from your mentors/mentees
  • Create your own private community in ALA Connect for you and your mentee(s) if you want to take advantage of the online documents, calendar, discussion forum, and chat features available to all members.

To learn all about this new service, see Mentoring Starter Questions and Mentoring and MentorConnect FAQ.