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Filling Out Your MentorConnect Profile

  1. How much do I need to fill out in the “About” section of my MC Profile?
    All of these fields are optional, although each helps someone else determine which person could potentially be the best mentor for them. We recommend you fill out these fields, but it’s totally up to you. The information you provide here isn’t used anywhere outside of MentorConnect, and ALA will never expose, give away, rent, sell, or do anything else with the data you include here.


  2. I don’t see the option for [xxxxxxxxx] in one of the menus – how do I add it?
    We’ve done our best to provide a broad and well-rounded list for things like type of library, expertise, career role, etc. We don’t want to get too granular because the list could do on for.ev.er. However, we’re always willing to consider suggestions, so use the “contact us” link in the upper right-hand corner of every page to send us your ideas. Since we don’t want to continually add references to specific tools, websites, or software, we recommend adding names for those types of things under “field experience” in your profile. Those fields are fully searchable from the “find a mentor” screen, so putting something like “RSS” or “Twitter” under “field experience” means you’ll appear in the search results when a user adds one of those terms on the search page.


  3. How do I change the location or organization listed on my MC profile?
    The location and organization listed on your MentorConnect profile come directly from our member database, so to change those, you need to log in to the ALA website and update the information on your ALA member profile.

    Once you've done that, log out of Connect, log back in, and your information should update within about 10 seconds. If it doesn’t, use the “contact us” link in the upper right-hand corner of every page and let us know.


  4. What should I include in my profile about field/general experience?
    This is your best chance to advertise the experience you’ve gained that makes you the ideal person to mentor someone else.  At this time, you can’t include any HTML or hyperlinks, although you can direct readers to check your Connect profile for links since you can add them there.


  5. What does “number of mentees at once” mean on my mentor profile?
    This is the number of people you’re willing to mentor at any one time. It’s important to consider this number carefully so that you can give each mentee the attention and level of response they deserve, so please give this some serious thought. You can always start out with a lower number and increase it if you find you have time to mentor additional people. Note that setting your number of mentees to "None" will remove you from the pool of potential mentors in the search results.


  6. Don't see your question listed here? Check other MentorConnect help documents, leave a comment, or use the contact us form to ask it.