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It would be interesting to know how many ALA members there are versus the number of those members who are actually "active" on ALA Connect. Jenny, would you be able to post this or somehow show these numbers? Or is this already listed somewhere out there?

Reason? For analysis on my part and any others who want to know.


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Found some old stats from ALA Direct June edition. I'm currently reading/browsing articles from July and August ALA Direct editions, but is there another link like this one below with current stats? 



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Hi, Marcos --

Unfortunately, we can't get these kinds of numbers from something like Google Analytics, so eventually we'll have to build our own reporting module, but that will be down the road. We'll also have to define what we mean by "active," since someone could come in once, turn on email updates, stay current, but not log in again or post much - is that "active?" When the mentoring network goes live, if someone signs up and works with a mentor but isn't part of a committee or community, is that "active?" It may be difficult to agree on a definition.

Right now, those statistics on Marginalia are the most current ones. We'll be doing a six-month assessment of usage of the site in October, so look for more in-depth analysis then.


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Hey, Jenny:

You pose some pretty good questions. I expected there would be gray areas to the definition of "active."

I look forward to the assessment in October. Thanks! ;)



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Belated greetings!

It's a little late, but I just posted the Six-month Review of ALA Connect on the ITTS Update blog, so this should have many of the statistics you're looking for, Marcos. I'll try to post quarterly screenshots to the ALA Staff Flickr account, but we'll also do another detailed report at the one-year mark in April 2010.

Let me know if you have questions about anything in the report.