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CRS call for Nominations -- Proposed Slate for the 2010 election

August 14, 2009

Call for ALCTS-Continuing Resources Section (CRS) 2010 Nominations

CRS needs you! Qualified candidates are being sought for the positions of Chair-Elect/Chair and Member-at-Large for the proposed 2010 slate. Deadline: August 28, 2009.

Time duration/responsibilities of these positions are as follows:

Chair-Elect/Chair: serves for a term of three consecutive years. The first year as Chair-Elect (primary duty is to make committee appointments), second year as Chair (manage the section) and the third year as Past Chair (serve as advisor to the incoming chair). Attendance at both ALA Midwinter and Annual meetings is required.

Member-At-Large: serves a three-year term. Serve on the CRS Executive Board. Responsibilities range from monitoring the section's activities to representing the various interests of the section on the Executive Committee. Attendance at both ALA Midwinter and Annual meetings is required.

For information about CRS, its mission, charge, committees and interest groups see


The CRS Nominating committee asks your help in identifying well-qualified candidates to fill these two positions. Consider nominating yourself or other qualified candidates.

You may send your suggestions and recommendations to any member of the ALCTS-CRS 2010 Nominating Committee outlined below. All nominations will remain confidential.

Thank you.

ALCTS-CRS 2010 Nominating Committee Members:

Anne McKee-Haycraft, Program Officer for Resource Sharing,


Joyce McDonough, Columbia University Libraries (jm86@columbia.edu)

Selina Lin, University of Iowa (selina-lin@uiowa.edu)

Daisy Waters (Chair), SUNY Buffalo (dpwaters@buffalo.edu)