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A little bit about myself

Well, first things first!  I am currently a Young People's Librarian at the Las Vegas Library in Las Vegas NV.  I love children's services, the literature, the programming and helping them discover how awesome the public library is.  I really enjoy working with teens, and have started an Anime Club at the library which feeds my addiction to manga and anime and theirs!

I've been working in libraries since 2001, when I graduated with a BA in English.  I worked as a page for a year, and then got hired full time as a Children's assistant.  In 2006, my supervisor and various mentors encouraged me to get my Master's Degree. I took a year off of work and got my Master's at the University of Arizona.  It was great.  While I was there I served as the social coordinator for the local chapter of the Library Student Organization.  I love connecting new people, meeting new people, and especially enjoy talking libraries with them!

When I'm not reading, I love kayaking, hiking and camping.

I'm really looking forward to putting together a great social event for next year's ALA.  I can't wait to hear everyone's ideas for themes, and any other input! 

Take a look at the handbook, and let me know what sort of things you'd be interested in helping with.  The main stuff I think we want to work on right now is the theme, location and entertainment.  Their is a list of past themes on the 2008 Committee's wiki: http://nmrt2008.pbworks.com/