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Coral Sheldon-Hess (non-member)'s picture


Hello, everyone! Welcome to SASCO! I'm your committee chair, Coral Hess. The wondrous Jessica Oelcher is your assistant chair.

There's a mailing list on Google Groups for the committee; I'm going to go through and make sure we're all on it in the near future. We used it last year, and I thought it worked fairly well. But we didn't have ALA Connect back then. Does anyone have any preferences between using this board and using the e-mail list? I think it makes sense to stick with one or the other--I value both your time and mine!--but let's vote on which it should be, eh?

In the meantime, while we're here, please introduce yourselves! Who are you? Where are you located? What do you want to see the committee accomplish? What other committees are you on? Is there anything about yourself you'd like us to know? Are there any specific schools you do or do not want to liase with? You can always send that privately to Jessica and me, if you'd rather not say here. (Aside from specific requests, we'll try to allocate schools in as geographically sensible a way as we can.)

A bit about me: I just graduated from Pitt with my MLIS at the beginning of the month. In my prior life, I was an electrical engineer. In my very-near-future life, I'll be a Web Services Librarian at the University of Alaska Anchorage. I was on SASCO and the Social committee last year, and I'm heading up this committee and volunteering on the Web committee this year. (So if you have NMRT Web Site issues, I may be able to help you out. ;)) I have three birds and a chinchilla. My job is new, so I can't promise I will make it to Midwinter, but I'll beg and plead with my administration. Jessica and I both want to be good chairs and provide you all with the support you need to, in turn, support the schools you liaise with.

As far as what I'd like to see the committee accomplish... I'd like to see us play a more active role in the various student chapters, help them pull together programs and bring in speakers, where we can, and certainly provide advice where it's wanted. As a secondary goal, I'd like us to serve as a gentle recruitment tool for NMRT (not to be actively advertisey at the chapters--just, you know, let them realize we're a friendly and welcoming group). But it's your committee, too! What do you want?

Jessica Oelcher's picture

Hi everyone and welcome!

I'm Jessica, your assistant chair (thank you Coral, for the "wondrous", I hope I can live up to it).  I live on Long Island, work in a pharmacy, and attend St. John's University.  When I am not working or studying, I can usually be found running after/playing with/being tortured by my two small children (ages 3 and 6 months).  I will be graduating in May and then *hopefully* working in a public library in my metro area.

This is my very first time volunteering for a committee so I am very excited.  I agree with Coral's goals for our committee with the addendum that I would like us to reach out to schools that do not have an active ALA Student Chapter and provide assistance in starting or revitalizing their organization.  And of course, I want us all to have fun!

I am very flexible as far as which medium we choose to communicate so I will leave it up to everyone to vote. 

Last but not least, I would like to wish the very brave and very adventurous Coral Hess luck on her upcoming road trip/move to Alaska!!


Jennifer Link's picture

Hi everyone,

I'm Jenni Link, a new member of the committee. I live in lovely Lexington, Kentucky, where I have worked at the Lexington Public Library since just before receiving my MLS from the University of Kentucky in August 2006. I am also a mom of two (ages 4 and almost 7), and I spend the little free time I have gardening (or drooling over seed catalogs, depending on the season), cooking, and reading.

For committee communications, I vote for Google groups. It looks like everyone has a gmail address already, and it's just easier (for me, anyway) than coming here and logging in separately.

Looking forward to meeting you all (in a virtual sense)!


Toni Carter's picture


I graduated from library school in 2001 and have been working as a librarian ever since.  So, technically, I'm not brand new, but really like NMRT.  I just started a job at Auburn University in May as an  Instruction/Reference librarian.  I've worked in Virginia and Tennessee, but glad to be back to my home state of Alabama.  I've served on the Student Chapter of the Year Committee for the last two years, which was great, but I'm looking forward to something different and to new people.  I just got married in December, have two mean cats and a really sweet dog.

As far as communications go, I would prefer the Google groups rather than having to log in here.

Toni Dean

Michael Austin's picture

Hi everyone,

Glad to meet all of you. I am a second year library student in UIUC's LEEP (online) program. I also work at the Newberry Library in  Chicago (most notable now for NOT being featured in the film adaptation of The Time Traveler's Wife). This is my first time doing committee work (though I was involved in gradaute student government during a previous graduate degree). Also, my wife and I had a baby in March, so I am trying to not let too many things slip through the cracks!

I am happy to use which either form of communication. Everything flows through gmail.


Heidi Steiner Burkhardt's picture

Hi all. My name is Heidi Steiner and this is my first foray in committees. I graduated from Wayne State University in Detroit, Michigan in December 2008 with my MLIS and worked part-time in both Support Services at a large, urban public library and as a Reference Librarian at a university library while scouring for my first full-time professional position. I just relocated to central Vermont and started work on Monday as the Distance Learning Librarian at Kreitzberg Library of Norwich University. So, I'm pretty much on "new stuff" overload right now. (btw...Coral...Alaska...wow. You're fearless;-) Good luck!)

I think NMRT is an awesome organization for new librarians and am excited to be a part of this committee where we can share all the great things NMRT has to offer with library school students. I absolutely agree with Coral that we should be a gentle recruitment tool for NMRT, because there are so many elements of this roundtable that will help students as they start their job search and ease into the profession.

As much as I want to support ALA's push for using Connect...I'm far more likely to check up on things often if we use Google Groups.

Jill Hallam-Miller's picture

Hi, Everyone!

I'm Jill Hallam-Miller, and I'm new to all of this! I am a library student at Clarion University, and I'm looking forward to graduating next Summer. I'm also actively seeking work or an internship in an academic library (any tips would be greatly appreciated!). I live in Central PA near Harrisburg in an old school house with my husband and our dog and cat.

I am also new to the ALA and to the NMRT, and this is my first involvement with a committee...I'm hoping my participation here will prove a useful learning experience for me by giving me the opportunity to help others while also learning a lot from all of you!

I'm going to go with what seems to be the consensus here, and vote for Google Groups.

I look forward to working with all of you, and to doing whatever I can to make this a productive year for our committee!


Jovy-Anne OGrady (not verified)'s picture

Hello everyone!  I'm originally from Canada and I did my MLIS at the University of British Columbia (UBC) in Vancouver, British Columbia.  I finished my course requirements in December 2008 but didn't officially graduate until May 2009 (UBC only has two convocation ceremonies, one in November and one in May).  I recently moved from the West Coast back to the East Coast (I used to live in Toronto, Ontario and did my science undergrad in Montreal, Quebec) to be with my fiance who is now my husband of a little over two weeks. So, I'm currently looking for a job in NYC.

This is my first time to be a part of an ALA committee and I'm looking forward to learning more about this one aspect of ALA! It's such a huge organization that offers so many services that it can be quite daunting to the newcomer.  One thing that I would like to see the committee accomplish is to encourage Canadian library school students to be more active in their ALA student chapters or to start their own.   I think a lot of Canadian librarians feel that ALA, being an American association, is not really relevant to their daily work and professional development as Canadian librarians.  Of course they couldn't be more wrong so I'm happy that this year, the committee will be liaising with Canadian schools as well.




Joe Fox's picture

Hello everyone,

My name is Joe Fox and I live with my wife in Milford, CT.  I'm a SLIS student at San Jose State and am scheduled to graduate in Spring 2010. I’m also doing an internship this fall at Sacred Heart University in Fairfield, CT. The internship is my first experience working in a library and am hoping to work in an academic library after graduation. Currently I work for a publishing company doing computer tech support.

I prefer using Google for communication but have no problem logging in here if that works better for everyone.

I’m looking forward to working with all of you on the committee this year.

Best wishes,