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June 16, 2009, Minutes, LLAMA Mentoring Committee


LLAMA Mentorship Committee Meeting

June Conference Call


June 16, 2009

2:00 PM ET




 Committee Members in Attendance:

Elaine Cline, Reese Evensen, Amy Fiske, Marie A. Seymour-Green, Barbara S. Spears, Neely J. Tang, Jennifer Taxman, Deborah G. Tenofsky, DeAnza Williams

 Committee Members Absent:

Karen Apland, Janine Golden, Adriana Gonzalez, Nancy S. Hershoff, Christine M. Shupala,


 Orientation –

 All committee members should plan to show up at least 15-30 minutes before Orientation is scheduled to begin to help with set-up.  Don’t forget, Orientation is Saturday, July 11, 2009 from 1:30-3:00pm at the Chancellor Room in the Fairmont Hotel.

 Kerry and Fred provided the new food budget for Orientation.  DeAnza reported that we could spend approximately $1,700 in order to stay in budget.  DeAnza and Nancy did a wonderful job selecting and order food for the event.  Karen was able to confirm that there will be approximately 75 attendees, including the committee.  They chose the Fairmont Refresh Spa Package at $19 per guest.

 Elaine put on her marketing hat and reminded us all that we need to make sure pictures are taken.  She will be bringing her camera, as will Reese.  Reese and Amy will also be working on putting together our YouTube video.  Neely will provide Reese with a list of folks who did not sign a release form.  Reese will bring extra release forms for those who are interested in being interviewed. 

 Amy confirmed that she and Jennifer are ready to greet folks for the Orientation.  Karen will be printing name tags (she is very organized and each group of people will have a different color tag according to their categories or be differentiated in a different visual way).  Adriana is ready and will have the final power point presentation and program agenda out to everyone this week.  Please have comments/changes back to her within a week of receipt.  Once the presentation is ready, Reese will put it up on the wiki.

 Liaison Follow-up –

 Amy and Jennifer have done a fabulous job following-up with the 2009-10 duos and making sure that their paperwork is complete.  Neely will confirm from whom we are still missing information.  Neely also needs to ask Janine where we placed last year’s contracts.

 Virtual Meeting Model –

 The group consensus is to have the Midwinter meeting be optional attendance with required Annual attendance.  Amy found being new to the committee that meeting folks in person was very helpful in her understanding of how the committee works.  For those who do not attend Midwinter, the committee will look into how to set-up a conference call/video.  We will look into Skype, Google and Oovoo.  We will look into the equipment needed and ask for a wireless room.  (Side note:  Neely was informed after the meeting that Kerry has nominated the committee for wireless access during the meeting at Annual.  She will notify the committee if she hears anything else.)  Debbie reminded the committee that we don’t have to meet in a conference location and whatever mode we use for conferencing, the point would be for everyone to see everyone else.  Neely sent this information on to Kerry and Gina Milsap for further consideration.  (Side note:  Kerry wrote back to let us know that virtual meeting models are being discussed at ALA HQ and will also be discussed at Annual.) 

 The committee will also need to decide, with the help of the tech team, whether to use Connect or Google Groups as our repository.

 Committee’s Web Presence –

 The committee discussed, in light of ALA’s Connect roll-out, what our web presence should look like.  We also briefly discussed, with all the options available to us – wiki, Connect, Google Docs, Google Groups – how we want to organize our presence and information.  The tech team will look into Connect and Amy will work with Reese to look into Google Groups.  Our main concerns are the following – privacy (as some information we discuss must be kept confidential), ease of use/findability, ease of updating.  It was decided that we will be present on all ALA/LLAMA web sites, but that we will need to choose one area in which to grow our site and have all others point back to the fully developed site.  Neely will ask Kerry which presence LLAMA suggests we place our efforts.  (Update: Kerry reached out to a few folks and the short answer is there are no current guidelines.  Marsha Iverson, Chair LLAMA Web Advisory Board, is interested in using our committee as a test case for the soon to be developed LLAMA’s strategic Web communications tool.)