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What is International School Library Month?


International School Library Month

In October each year

The International Association of School Librarianship first celebrated an International School Library Day in October of 1999, under the leadership of then IASL President Blanche Woolls. The aim of this special day was to draw attention to the importance of school libraries in the education of our children. According to the coordinator, Rick Mullholland of Canada - "In early January 2008, the executive of IASL, upon recommendation from the International School Library Day committee, approved the change from International School Library Day to International School Library Month effective October 2008. This change cooincides with the tenth anniversary of IASL celebrating school libraries. International School Library Month will allow those in charge of school libraries around the world to choose a day in October that best fits their specific situation in order to celebrate the importance of school libraries".

The ISLM theme for 2009 -- School Libraries: The Big Picture

Projects for International School Library Month

Bookmark Project

The ISLM Bookmark Project involved matched schools making homemade bookmarks (any style, shape, etc - be creative) that reflects the International School Library Month theme.

For more information or to add your name to the list of participating schools, contact:
Rick Mulholland, Bookmark coordinator

What people are doing for ISLM 2009

Send in your submissions for "What people are doing for ISLM 2009" by email to the IASL Web Manager, Karen Bonanno.

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Message from Rick Mulholland [conri@shaw.ca], ISLM coordinator:

The International School Library Month committee is pleased to announce that
the 2009 ISLM posters are available for downloading on the IASL website.
This year we have two versions of posters for your celebrations. We have
one with a young student and the other with an older student.

Please visit http://www.iasl-online.org/events/islm/islm-resources.htm to
download your posters.

Also, see the above website for details on how you can obtain a copy of the
poster in both English and your language.



ISLM coordinator