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Danielle Langehaug (non-member)'s picture

Masters in Library Science question


 I am considering getting my masters in Library Science.  I have a BA in History from MSUM in Moorhead, MN.  Because of time and money I am considering doing my Masters in Library Science in the UK.  The program is one full calendar year, and even after exchange rates, is more affordable than 2 year programs here in the US.  My question is, has anyone gone this route?  Or know someone who has?  My main concern is even though the schools I am looking at, Robert Gordon University in Aberdeen and City University London, are accredited by CILIP what-if any- problems are there coming back to the US and having the ALA recognize the accrediation?

 Thank you for any advice you are able to offer!

Danielle Langehaug

Elizabeth Meyers's picture

I read the blog of a librarian in Utah (no one I know, but a brilliant writer) who did just that. Her blog url is: http://missnemesis.blogspot.com/

She lists her email address as well, so you may be able to contact her directly. I also know (from her blog) that she's currently working in a library, although I'm not 100% sure it's a professional-level position (although I'd bet on it if I were a gambling woman). So my guess is you'd be able to find jobs in the U.S. afterward. But she may have some useful insights about the process.

Danielle Langehaug (non-member)'s picture

Thank you so much for the url to her blog!  I will check it out and email her to see how it all worked out for her.

Thanks again!

Marcos Martinez's picture

Consider Texas Woman's University Online Library Science Program. Costs are roughly $2800 with tuition and internet fees for a full-time graduate.

This fall will be my first semester and enrolling in this program has given me flexibility and keeps dollars in my pocket.

Click the following for more info:

TWU Homepage

TWU - School of Library and Information Studies

You might also want to check with other Accredited schools that offer online programs.

I wish you the best. If you would like more information on TWU or anything, feel free to message me.




Marcos Martinez



Jerilyn Marshall's picture

On the ALA website, in the section on ALA-accredited schools there is a FAQ.  One Q & A might be helpful to you:

Q: I have a degree from a foreign institution. How can I find out if it is equivalent to an ALA-accredited master's? What courses or tests can I take to be accredited?

A: Ultimately, it is up to the employer to determine whether or not to accept a foreign degree as equivalent to an ALA-accredited master's. There is no set of courses or tests to take to be "accredited." The ALA Office for Human Resource Development and Recruitment has identified agencies that, for a fee, will evaluate foreign credentials.

Ann Campion Riley's picture

At my university library (an ARL library), we have a librarian with a degree from London, and it is considered the same as an ALA accredited degree, no problem. I think there is official reciprocity with the CILIP accredited programs.

George Candless (non-member)'s picture


CILIP is a UK-based organisation with a global dimension.  They welcome overseas members, support members in their international work and actively engage with international partners and on international issues. I Feel there is no problem going back to US and getting the ALA accrediation after the completion of degree in UK. One of my relatives is working in Chrysalis School Montana , she has been highly credited for CILIP degree here in US.