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First Wednesdays on Facebook - Science Information Literacy Discussions

Wednesday, August 5, 2009
1:00 pm to 2:00 pm, US/Central

Please join us on Wednesday, August 5, 2009 (2PM ET; 1PM CT; 12PM MT; 11AM PT) for the First Wednesday IL Discussion on Facebook. To join the discussion, logon to Facebook and search for "Science Information Literacy Wiki," then go to the SILW page Discussions tab.

If you can't make it on August 5, please feel free to post at your convenience. We also welcome topic suggestions for future First Wednesday discussions.

-Elizabeth Berman (eliabeth.berman@uvm.edu) and Roxanne Bogucka (roxanne.bogucka@austin.utexas.edu), STS Information Literacy co-chairs

Ruth Hodges's picture

Does anyone know of an expert who might be able to come to my institution in South Carolina to do a mini workshop on ACRL Standards of Information Literacy (IL) and/or developing a credit hour course. Unfortunately, we have very little fund to pay someone. So please excuse my forwardness for even asking the question. 

We're in the process of trying to develop an one-credit hour course on IL.  I've attended a number of workshops but other staff haven't. Although I've shared resources and what I know with them, I believe some think that I'm just trying to push my views onto them.  As a result, I believe it would be good to have an expert speak come speak to everyone on the topic. 

Although a number of us will be attending the IL Conference in Georgia this month, I've emphasized that there are a number of other models of IL besides ACRL; so we should keep this in mind when we attend sessions and bring information back. Please send your response to me via my e-mail: rahodges_2000@yahoo.com. Since I seldom logon to Connect or such sites, I prefer to have information pushed to me.  Thanks