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ALA Annual 2009 Meeting - Carl Fleischhauer of LC: Presentation on the U.S. Federal Agencies Digitization Guidelines Initiative

The Federal Agencies Digitization Guidelines Initiative is a collaborative effort by federal agencies to define common guidelines, methods, and practices to digitize historical content in a sustainable manner.  The initiative was launched in 2007 with the formation of the Federal Agencies Still Image Digitization Working Group, who concentrate their efforts on image content such as books, manuscripts, maps, and photographic prints and negatives.  In 2008, the Federal Agencies Audio-Visual Working Group was formed with a focus on sound, video, and motion picture film.

The Working Groups plan to develop recommended practices and associated specifications that are based on clearly articulated objectives describing the expected uses of the digitized content.  The initiative's methodologies and requirements will be based on recognized approved standards or empirical data to the extent possible.  

Federal agency participation is voluntary and non-binding.  Participants will provide input, share information and resources (when possible), and provide their opinions on priorities, methodology of the initiative, and approval or disapproval of draft guidelines, and respond to external recommendations or queries.  Adherence by the participating agencies to the guidelines developed under this initiative is not required, nor is it expected to be practical under all circumstances.


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