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Alison Gurganus's picture

A Place for Presentation and Paper Calls

One thing I have found very frustrating in the past has been finding out what calls are out there for presentations and papers. Would there be a way to make one central place within ALA Connect for all sections to post their calls? I believe this would help get more submissions as well as a wider variety of submitters.

Jenny Levine (staff)'s picture

Hi, Alison --

Great minds think alike! In this case, you're thinking along the lines of ALA's 2008-2009 President, Jim Rettig. As one of his presidential initiatives, he gave us the resources to implement a mentoring network and an opportunities exchange in Connect.

We're in the process of building the mentoring network now and designing the Opportunities Exchange. We hope to have both in place by the end of August.

The Exchange will be a liitle like a craig's list of opportunities. It'll be one-stop shopping for information about grants, awards, fellowships, volunteering, etc., and not just within ALA. Ideally, we'll be able to match the opportunities with the interests you list in your profile while also providing a way to browse the whole database.

Regarding your suggestion, we want to include speaking, publishing, and presenting opportunities, as well. Part of the goal for members will be to help them get involved in ALA in different ways beyond committee work.

So stay tuned, and keep the suggestions coming. :)

Mikael Jacobsen's picture

I have used these two sources to find writing and speaking opportunities.  

A Library Writer's Blog: http://librarywriting.blogspot.com/

Beyond the Job:  http://www.beyondthejob.org/


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