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Annual Meeting Minutes Due July 31st!

Just a reminder that your committee meeting minutes need to be submitted by July 31st! I'm asking John Meier, STS Secretary, to help with ensuring that all minutes are posted/submitted to ACRL.

Per the advice of Adam Burling at ACRL, if you choose to post your minutes in ALA Connect, the minutes need to be posted not only to your committee's area, but also to the general STS area so that the membership can see what was occurring at the conference. To do this:

  1. Post your minutes to your committee area
  2. View your post and click on the "edit" tab.
  3. Under the "audience section, checkmark the box for ACRL STS (Science & Technology Section).
  4. Please be sure to mark the post as "public".

Problem? Contact Maliaca or John Meier.