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STS Web Editor Manual

STS Web Editor’s Manual

Last updated on July 21, 2009 by John Meier

NOTE: This manual focuses on web editor tasks rather than site structure. It was written before the site transfer from ActiveMatter to Serena Collage content management systems. The document is based largely on email communications between past web editors and ACRL.

ACRL Contact
Primary ACRL web contact is Jon Stahler jstahler@ala.org
Other ACRL questions such as membership can be directed to Adam Burling aburling@ala.org

Website Guidelines

Allowable File Types

  • Serena Collage supports many file types, but cannot be used to host databases (php, and other scripts must be done through ALA)

  • There do not seem to be file size restrictions.

General Tasks

Committee Content - Works in Progress

  • The Committees page is due for a major overhaul, as it has been growing more disorderly (4/25/07). Some committees have their own pages. All could have one. This would remove clutter from the main Committees page.

  • Continuing Education Survey (CE Committee). Post semi-annually. Often requires some re-formatting.

  • STS Mentors (CE Committee) – does this need to be updated

  • STS Manual (Organization & Planning) – Most pages have been updated by Virginia Baldwin, still waiting on the Calendar.

  • Government Information – occasional changes to “Top Sci-Tech Government sites”.

  • Organization & Planning Committee - would like to use some sort of Calendar function for the master calendar in the Manual.  Check if the need still exists.

Conference Tasks

  • Web Editor should attend ALA Conferences. Attendance at Council I + especially II is important, because content changes or additions are often suggested there, and all committee chairs are present.

  • Web Editor must prepare report for each Publications Committee meeting.

  • Before Annual and Midwinter (mostly Annual):

    • Conference schedules – from STS Chair. May include field trip and/or STS dinner reservation forms. Be sure to update Sponsor Links at bottom of page. Sponsors change from year to year.

    • Sponsors list – from STS Chair. Find company logos on their sites and upload.

    • Discussion group descriptions – solicit from DG chairs or get from STS-L.

    • Program descriptions - from Program planning committee.

    • Poster session descriptions - from Research Committee.

    • Using previous years’ documents as templates makes it easy to fill in the blanks, as schedules tend to be similar from year to year.

    • Some solicitation for material is often needed. A call to STS-L often suffices.

    • Do NOT post meeting rooms on the website. This is a rule from ALA/ACRL, they prefer you link to the Conference Event Planner.

    • When the site is ready for conference, post a note to STS-L

  • After Annual

    • Change Highlights to reflect new content, remove links to upcoming events that just happened.

    • Program presentation files – obtain from Program Committee. They must have signed permission forms from presenters before materials can be added. It can take quite a while to obtain this material. Gentle reminders to session organizers and/or presenters are sometimes needed.

    • Poster presentations – Mount posters. Some work may be needed to modify files for adequate display on the site. Signed permission forms from presenters are needed.

    • Committee Rosters – In July we get notification of the new committee member rosters. Committee Rosters are automatically updated at the ACRL Directory of Leadership – Section Committee Rosters at http://www.ala.org/ala/mgrps/divs/acrl/resources/leadership/sectioncommittee.cfm#STS . You can link to each committee’s roster directly. These are restricted to ALA members to protect privacy. Not all STS committees list their rosters. Do not manually enter committee rosters on the page, as it is duplicate effort that won’t remain current beyond a year. If the committee rosters are incorrect in the directory, contact either Adam Burling (aburling@ala.org) or the section Vice-Chair. Section Officers/Executive Committee, committee chairs on other pages need to be updated manually.

    • Council Minutes – mount draft copies of minutes when received from section Chair, and replace them with approved copies after the next conference. Minutes are restricted to ALA members only. Document files themselves go in ‘Council Documents’ subsection of Committees section. Links to documents go into ‘Council Minutes’ web page.


Site Redesign

  • The STS Website Redesign Taskforce produced a report outlining the tasks and methods to use in updating the STS website.  It is located in ALA Connect.

  • Most external content has been brought into the STS site or the STS wiki.  There are some missing files and broken links that need to be tracked down in Collage and either removed or the targets found.