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Future of MARC presentations and recording

 I am posting the presentations  given at the CCS Hot topics Forum. I will also be posting the recording of the session. The recording is too large (126.7 mb) to post on the ALAConnect site. It will be possible to download it from http://library.csun.edu/mwoodley/Future_MARC10Jul2009.mp3 Mary WoodleyCCS Executive Committee, Past-Chair 2008-2009
 CCS Executive Committee wishes to announce its “Hot Topics” Forum at the ALA Annual Conference in Chicago.  Our topic for Annual 2009 forum is “The Future of MARC.” The Forum will be at the Chicago Hilton Northwest 1. Friday July   3:30-5:30 pm  


Our speakers:

Karen Coyle, moderator (Digital Library Consultant)

Rebecca Guenther, Speaker (Library of Congress, Senior Networking and Standards Specialist in the Network Development and MARC Standards Office )

Ted Fons (Director, OCLC WorldCat Global Metadata Network)

Amy Eklund (Catalog Librarian in JCLRC Technical Services at Georgia Perimeter College)

Diane Hillmann, speaker(Director of Metadata Initiatives, Information Institute of Syracuse
Partner, Metadata Management Associates)